Accurate information and data can be added on the fillable template, which is common for bill of sale whether it is required for used car or for used motorcycle. Delivery receipt sheet can further enhance the vision of a person about inventory availability, which is the basic objective of both these documents.

For complete Companies of vehicle form, Templates sample is available on request only. (Comment us and Get Template via Email).

According to government, rules deposit amount and rest of the amount must be paid in equal installments or at once, which is mentioned in used car bill of sale form prepared for different states as requirements do change for each of the state and city.

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Quick FAQ:

  1. Editable and printable Car bill of sale template (NEW, USED)
  2. For the record of taxation, and personal
  3. Basic to Generic template, the Custom template can also provide on request
  4. Bill Comparison Sheet
  5. Available in DOC, Excel and PDF format

This is not only followed for the transaction on a personal basis in fact accounting regulations are also not same in all of the cities and states, therefore any objection or differently created sheet can make you penalized by law.

Used Car Bill of Sale Format

We have also vehicle maintenance repair job card for a vehicle category, Standard format, and professional developed sheets format is used to create templates on this webpage, which can be downloaded, in a single click:

  • Number of owners: for the used car, the bill must hold all the information for existing owners that is the number of owners as well as their full fledge contact details.
  • Maintenance: for most of the purchasers another plus point before deciding the car is checking for repair and maintenance information, therefore these details, as well as repair shop details, are also part of this sheet.
  • Car outlook: appearance, as well as part which are completely out of order, must be mentioned. You can add car color and any additional information as well.


Depending on the car users and their way of use, car working life is affected and checking the background details of the owners is also helpful in checking in the car is part of any illicit activity or not. Check out the price of the car with the other available in the same appearance and model in the market.

Vehicle Bill of Sale Blank Template

This template is used as a Bill for car repairing or selling. It serves the role of a receipt for car service or buying. This template is very common in use for car showrooms and vehicle service centers as receipts of payment of bills for the car service.

Use Recent we discuss on car selling poster, so the template is also for advertising purpose.

You would often have viewed a car bill template whenever you would have visited the showroom and bought a new car for yourself or for any of your beloved one. You would have surely seen it when you would have visited the car service center for maintenance or servicing of your car. Nonetheless, you can also see it on the internet on some blogs or maybe on some showroom websites.


Importance (Benefits)

This template has a lot of importance associated with it as it serves as a proof of sale or service of car for which it has been generated to the car owner. The proof is important for if the car service provider claims that the car owner has not paid the service fee then, the car owner simply use the car bill receipt as a proof of payment to the service provider.

The bill is also important for the car owner for claiming any kind of warranties associated with the repairing or buying of the car. The car owner can request the car service provider about the warranties if there occurs any kind of deficiencies in the services of the car. Hence, the Used Vehicle Bill of Sale template plays an essential role in daily life.

A Used Vehicle Bill of Sale serves as a legal document that records the transfer of ownership of a used vehicle from a seller to a buyer. It outlines the details of the transaction and provides both parties with essential information and protection. A template and sample for a Used Vehicle Bill of Sale can be immensely helpful in ensuring that all the necessary elements are included and that the document adheres to the legal requirements of the jurisdiction.

The template typically includes sections to input relevant information such as the names and contact details of both the buyer and seller, the vehicle’s make, model, year, and identification number (VIN), as well as its mileage and condition at the time of sale. It also includes fields to record the purchase price, payment method, and any additional terms or conditions agreed upon by the parties involved.

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