Letter Requesting Overtime Pay

Sample of letters, which are usually required by employees, can be found online to help them, however, salaries are overtime pay requested by employees in advance if they require it for a specific purpose.

Industries handling production of multiple products due to particular projects or due to more demand for the product in the market usually overtime is asked from the employees. For example, cold drinks are demanded in excess amount in the summer season. It is usually higher than normal pay.

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Usually, overtime amount is calculated by multiplying hours worked by an employee in the particular shift with the amount per hour, however, to achieve the objective a letter is required by an employee for different purposes however must be prepared in a specific format of the letter so that it can be focused and viewed by management.

Letter Requesting Overtime Pay

Format of Sample Letter Requesting Overtime Salary

  1. Overtime request is added on the top of the letter.
  2. The employee name, address, city, phone number and email address is added in the sheet.
  3. The top left side of the letter must hold the date of the letter, manager’s name, company name, address, and city.
  4. The body of the letter must clearly indicate the purpose of writing the letter.
  5. In the end, it should ask for overtime salary, which should be paid by the company.

A sample letter holding the purpose of the letter must be added. Employee designation in the firm must be mentioned. Usually, overtime is conducted due to the inefficiency of some specific department in the company. Once the employees are agreed on giving their extra time to the company a letter for the approval is written.

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Overtime Request Memo

Usually, memos are prepared to remind the hr department or accounts department about the payment they are required to pay the employee. The amount can be shown in the letter or only a reminder can be added in the form of a memo.


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