Restaurant Bill Format

Invoices and bill prepared in business are two-sided documents as they are beneficial for both parties involved in the process. Usually, every hotel or restaurant use the same type of receipt for the customer or keep an excel sheet for managing restaurant daily record.

Preparing invoices for the specific company and restaurant is important as it indicates what amount is charged to customers and for what it is charged?

Restaurant is a place providing recreation to the family as well as they are visited by friends and are utilized by businessmen for carrying out their meetings effectively. Therefore to provide information to customers about the charges a bill following the specific format is created.

Quick FAQ:

  1. Single click for generating invoice in Excel format
  2. Daily to weekly record managing sheet through Excel
  3. Also managing food/beverage stock managing
  4. Use this sheet for restaurant loss and profit sheet
  5. Ask more through EXCEl124.NET for download templates

Tracking money and preparing budgets are common in houses. Usually, some amount is fixed so that outings can be planned on picnics to keep the members of the family close with each other and to figure out problems faced by someone in the family. We have also some editable blank bill for your company, so review this.

Format of Restaurant Bill Format

Restaurants specialized and popular in providing a certain category of food is common like some are known for Chinese food while others are mostly visited due to delicious continental food in their menu. However to make bills successfully usually Microsoft Word templates are utilized in the following format:

  1. You should mention the logo and name of your restaurant on the top of the template.
  2. Clear contact details including contact numbers address and email address are mentioned.
  3. The table having information about food items usually consists of headings description, rate, quantity and amount.
  4. Sometimes price column is also added to show the price of the certain item according to plate or weight.
  5. Dashboard restaurant in excel for tracking record

    Restaurant Bill Format


6+ Food Company Receipt Management

Customers can detect what amount is charged to them for a certain item. If any item they have not ordered but included in this bill adding up the amount can be asked by the manager. This ensures more satisfaction of the customer with the restaurant.

There are multiple types of food restaurant create bill according to their business, here are some food business discussed regarding their invoice pattern

  1. Pizza/Fast Food Bill Receipt
  2. Monthly or daily Bill with some Extras
  3. Café and Tea Shop/Staff Bill

This bill can be used later if the visit to the same restaurant is planned again. In case of any mistake, it can be pointed out correctly without including much effort.

Food Bill Format

Food bill expense budget details sheet in excel format is available. Complete food & beverages stock or monthly invoice through ONE CLICK.

Restaurant Receipt Template PDF

For PDF sheet, you must download this sheet of the restaurant bill.

US/U.K Based Restaurant Bill Templates

For a specific country like UK and US, some term and condition like TAX must include in the sheet.

So after download restaurant bill format in the word you can customize it according to your company instruction adding in it. Specific company restaurant format design by Excel124 team.

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