Are you want to make proper strategic goal (financial) for business? This Action plan template will help you relates to forecasting and planning strategy for further development.  In this article, you can download the Excel-based (XLS)Action-Plan-Format-Excel template for forecasting action plan. Before going to main topic make sure you sure about basic purpose of action plan.

First of all, review about How to Project plan? for fundamental concept and to-do-list of project tracking and planning activities.

What is Action Plan?

Planned template, which require in progress of any project. It’s also call result-oriented plan towards goal. During project, you can alter many duties after observe ring the outcomes either in resource allocation or operating management. After developing initial planning, you have to go for tracking tools.

Mainly Two types of Action plan Format is available

  1. Simple Printable Word document
  2. Excel (XLS) Sheet

Action plan is a set pattern of work required in what time?

  1. To DO List (Work must done)
  2. In-progress
  3. Completed

It’s basically a set pattern of project management, many expensive software operate with same principle. After analysis work in final stages, manager can either change their decision or go towards main goal. In Google Docs and spreadsheet, each member can see others members progress towards goal.

Action Plan can help you:

People who are looking forward to achieve a goal usually work through action plan document, as it prevents time wastage and shopping future opportunities on excel document and sample is available for 5 year that is for store. it’s helpful in construction scheduling and other business.

  1. Result oriented
  2. Tracking activities towards set goal
  3. Easy reporting for stakeholders and others investors
  4. Excel base template, just editing require
  5. Also, Call document tracker

SMART marketing goals template sample is also added here, as companies which are already generating desired sales revenue are looking forward to see more improved performance by their marketing department.

Sample 5 year action plan on excel store is loved by company owners and store owners, as long term goals which are based on current market situation can increase the company sustainability chances in the market.

Why Excel Template in Action Planning?

Excel or MS word templates has been using for tracking activities. Below we add some link for download template. Suggest us more customization and designing. These kind of templates is also use for other strategic planning and forecasting planning.

Generally action plan document is always composed, whenever any new product is being prepared and launched in the market. This includes all the related aspects of the products and therefore marketing department is able to design plans and strategies which make it possible that the required message must be delivered to right audience and sector of market.

Project Management Action Planning & Tracking

While this sheet has been designed, main focus was on long term benefits, however if you are looking for action plan for one to three years, you can also find the desired sheet here. Some of the related benefits when using this sheet are:

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Marketing Purpose: Marketing strategies, these days are not limited to media marketing as digital marketing is also loved by companies. Customers love to get idea about the product through social media websites, therefore using the right website and creating business page is also fundamental for survival in the market. Your marketing department is able to accomplish the goal using these sheets.

Project Planning Efficiently: As already told, the sheet is used for different purpose in various organizations, however projects with bigger nature can now be deal efficiently and dynamically to get success through sample 5 year action plan on excel. You can include marketing plans as well.

Sales Capability of the Store: Whether you are running a grocery store or it is display center, you must analyze what is the sales revenue generated in the previous years and what is the sales potential in the present period. You must check this for every appliance.

Strategies for Competition: If your store is located in the market area, it automatically got attention, however if you are located in the retail market, you are required to give tough competition to the other stores located there.

How to Create Customized Corrective Action Plan?

Either you creating template in excel or word, same principle apply.

In Excel (XLS) Format:

In many template, which attached dashboard best for action plan. Simple plan in excel isn’t suite. If you track each activity and see in dashboard, then you can take instant action accordingly.


In Word Format:

Word template emphasis more on designing and theme of Action plan. You can add many note below template for individual.


Once you have analyzed, competition from the neighborhood, you can now generate plans based on the information. Good sales action plan is not only used to increase sales, in fact they can show you the forecasting and future of your store as well. In addition, risk assessment items or templates are attached with this sheet of excel.

If you are already facing trouble and failures, you still have the chance to gain attention of the customers through using marketing strategies like good and attractive interior and exterior for the place, launching discounts, promotions on events and keeping products with lower price range to higher price range.

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