Looking for a communication management plan? We have a complete management plan within the organization for communication. A template is a format of MS Excel & Word. In any organization, planning is a backbone for better management and project progress.

We have a number of plans, only requests are required for download through INBOX. In designing a preliminary plan template, is an integral part of overall planning.

  1. The communication plan is available in WORD & Excel Format
  2. Charts and strategy define the quality score of the plan
  3. Different PIE, PERT and BCG matrix for documentation
  4. According to the different organization hierarchy

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Therefore, good communication skill is a key factor in hiring any project manager. Project managers can identify the communication requirements of their project. Also, it can plan an effective communication approach using this template.

Types Communication Management Plan Template:

It also answers a lot of following questions about the communication of information during the project;

  1. What sort of information will be communicated to the stakeholders?
  2. What channel/media will be used for the communication of information?
  3. What will be the frequency of information distribution?
  4. Who is the responsible person for the distribution of project information?
  5. What resources are required for communication distribution?
  6. What will be the Change policy communication plan?

Communication Management Plan For Project Management:

The role of the project manager is really important in the communication management of the project. The proactive approach is preferred for effective communication. project managers are using a procurement management plan with this.

The most important component of the project communication management plan is to define the changed policy communication plan. As with the passage of time as the project gets mature. There is always a need to make changes in project scope, budget, risk plan, communication plan, resource allocation, or scheduling.

The change management plan defines who will be responsible for managing the whole change process. How the change will be managed and what stakeholders will involve directly in the process of change policy. While what stakeholders will just stay in the communication distribution zone.

Communication Management Plan for Stakeholder:

There are different types of stakeholders involved in the project. A proper communication plan is required of all the stakeholders as per their role in the project. The key project stakeholder can be identified with reference to the communication needs. Communication Management Matrix fulfils this purpose as well to identify the different requirements of communication for a different set of stakeholders.

However, stakeholder communication and reporting plans can also be added to the communication plan for in-depth details regarding communication with different categories of stakeholders of the project.

Communication Plan Template PMP

There are many stakeholders that play a role in finalizing the communication plan for any project. Project managers, project team, key stakeholders, steering committee, technical leaders, and change control board.

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These are directly involved in the construction of an effective communication plan for the project. However, customers, suppliers, project sponsors, and program managers may also play any role in communication planning.

Creating a Communication Requirement Matrix in Excel:

A communication requirement matrix is a tabular tool used to identify the communication requirements in the process of making a communication plan. It covers all the information one needs to answer in the communication management plan of any project.

The communication matrix is easy to use, and it eliminates the possibility of ignoring any crucial element of the communication plan. Also, it saves a lot of time in the management of data and visually appealing to understand.

The communication matrix is embedded in all communication management approaches to project management. Communication matrices are similar for all types of projects regardless of the project type. There is a set of information that must be present on the communication matrix to fulfil its purpose.

A simple but effective communication matrix covers the following information about any project;

  1. Type of communications involved in the project; Meetings and Reports
  2. What are the objectives of each type of communication?
  3. Channel/medium of communication for a specific type of communication.
  4. Frequency of the information distribution and its relevance to the stakeholders.
  5. Stakeholders involved in the communication channel.
  6. Who is responsible for the distribution of information for each type of communication?
  7. Format of communication and the deliverables for communication type.

Most of the project managers ensure to include communication matrix patterns in the process of communication management planning to enhance the effectiveness of a communication plan.


Effective communication is essential for successful project management, and a well-defined Communication Management Plan serves as a vital tool in achieving this objective. By utilizing Microsoft Excel and Word, project managers can create a comprehensive plan that addresses stakeholder identification, communication objectives, channels, frequency, escalation processes, roles, and responsibilities. This template ensures that communication is consistent, timely, and tailored to the needs of stakeholders, ultimately increasing the likelihood of project success.

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