In this article, you can easily understand how you can track expenses through the spreadsheet. Simple manage your day to a monthly expense. In this post, you can download the Expense Budget Spreadsheet Excel template, so easily download and track your personal or commercial expenses.

In this post, we will discuss daily expense budget management through an Excel template or spreadsheet online. Track your daily or monthly expenses personal or business with some advanced techniques. Before checking this template makes sure, the expense types are for better understanding.

  1. Depreciation Expense
  2. Bad Debt Expense

Most people have spending habits that are pretty rough and unhealthy. While this is the case with most of us, there are two kinds of people who have a close eye on their expenses. Some people collect bank statements to keep everything in order, while others check their accounts once or twice.

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Expense Budget Management for Financial Goal

There is then the lot that goes about their accounts a couple of times a day and then there are those who rarely check.

This type of spending and carefree behavior (much like cruise control) works for those who do not have many financial goals.

But if you’re trying to save up, pay a debt, or need a large amount in a short period of time, then you may want to keep a very close track of all your expenses. Now there are a number of ways to do that, using an Excel sheet to track your expenses is by far one of the most successful ways.

A couple is known to pay off a debt of $162,000 in as little as 3 years by simply tracking their expenses on an Excel sheet. An Excel sheet lets you see where your money is going, it allows you to see where you can save up and eventually, it’s the little bits that count.

Track Personal Expenses With An Excel Spreadsheet

There are many ways and formats to create a spreadsheet for expenses, one of the most common formats is to have expenses listed on one side and budget an amount for them at the beginning of a period.

You can then have a separate column for the actual amount that was spent.

This lets you save in two ways; first, you can work out a saved amount if you spend a calculated amount such that your expenses are limited but meet necessities. In this case, the budgeted amount totals up to a value, which when subtracted from your income, tells you the amount you are expected to save.

This is one way of saving; the other way is that you are free to spend less than the budgeted amount and this lets you save extra.

However, it is advisable to spend less than the budgeted amount where you can because at other times you may have to spend more.

The amount needs to be balanced for you to stay on a budget.

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When making a spreadsheet and listing your expenses on it, you may have a few difficulties, here are a few pointers to keep in mind that should help you through,

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Be flexible

This is very important because no one is completely certain and under control of their expenses.

There are times when you have to spend more or spend less, in that case, don’t make it too hard for yourself.

Update Regularly

Once you start tracking your expenses, you are more aware of your spending habits. Once this happens, you can update the Excel sheet to suit your needs.

Daily expense budget spreadsheet template excels; you can download it after requesting us. For more details about tracking expenses typically for business or personal contact our support center.


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