Raw material stock statement is considered necessary these days, as it shows the real worth of the assets. Reporting template excel is also asked by the board of directors as well as loan providing bodies to consider whether the company is able to return the loan with interest amount regularly or not.

These sheets are also required by project managers to determine whether working on the specific project is possible or not.

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A Daily Raw Material Stock Register Format in Excel is a spreadsheet template used to record and track the inventory of raw materials on a daily basis. It helps businesses maintain an organized record of their raw material stock levels, monitor usage, and ensure timely replenishment.

The format typically includes several columns to capture relevant information, such as:

  1. Date: The date of the stock entry or update.
  2. Raw Material Name: The name or description of the raw material being recorded.
  3. Opening Stock: The quantity of raw material available at the beginning of the day.
  4. Received: The quantity of raw material received during the day.
  5. Used: The quantity of raw material consumed or used during the day.
  6. Closing Stock: The remaining quantity of raw material at the end of the day.
  7. Unit: The unit of measurement for the raw material (e.g., kilograms, liters, pieces).
  8. Remarks: Any additional notes or comments related to the stock entry.

The daily register allows for easy tracking of stock movements and provides essential data for inventory management purposes. It enables businesses to identify trends, monitor usage patterns, and make informed decisions regarding procurement, production planning, and stock replenishment.

Using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software, you can create a table with the appropriate column headers and enter the relevant information on a daily basis. You can also use formulas and conditional formatting to automate calculations and highlight any stock shortages or excessive levels.

It’s important to note that the specific format may vary depending on the requirements and preferences of the business. You can customize the template to suit your specific needs by adding additional columns or adjusting the layout as required.

If you are looking forward to reducing the expense of your business, consider reducing amount of inventory in the stores, which are required less in the operations; however, they are available in the store in the large amount. Some banks consider making these reports themselves. Store sales tracker template also helpful regarding creating this one.

Warehouse Raw Stock Management in Excel

Daily stock register that is in excel is used by the stockholders or maybe the warehouse maintainers to manage the Raw inventory in the warehouse. Everyday Stock Register is a record of completed merchandise kept up once a day. Each assessor under Rule 10 of Central Excise Rules, 2002, must keep up daily Stock Register.


This report contains subtle elements of the depiction of products made/created, opening equalization, the amount made or delivered, Total amount, amount evacuated, Assessable esteem, Amount of obligation payable, the measure of Duty paid, and adjust the amount of completed merchandise.

  1. The One Item report can be seen in either in Summary mode or in Day Wise mode.
  2. To see in the Summary mode in this template do the following steps as mentioned below:

Select One Raw Item under Summary from the Daily stock Register menu to see Select Excise Unit screen

In Select Excise Unit screen, the Name of Excise Unit By default is set automatically as Tally ERP 9 shows ABC Company.

In the event that you have more than one assembling unit select the suitable Excise Unit from the List of Excise Units for which you need to see the Daily Stock Register

Name of Tariff: In this field select the Tariff to see the stock things/thing gathered under the chose tax. Select Water as Tariff. Which are you want to review select it in the tariff section?

Name of Raw Item Select the item or commodity of which you want to see the availability and sales as shown AquaPure – 1Ltr in the template. It is selected from the List of Excise Stock Items.

Enter From and to date: you can see the date wise sales that how much we sold in between these dates that mentioned to check for.

You can also choose fitting Stock thing from the List of Excise Stock things to see the Daily Stock Register.

Sample Download of Raw Inventory Management

This is just a sample template if you want template according to your warehouse and superstore inventory management, then Comment us and give details.

Warehouse-Inventory-Excel chart

Download (inventory management)

Raw material stock statement for reporting template excel format

How to maintain statement for Raw stock Material? Before some formatting details or items of the stock is displayed below.

  1. Add the title on the sheet “stock statement”.
  2. On the top name of the company and the address is shown.
  3. “To” must be filled with bank name, branch, and address.
  4. A table is filled with headings description of goods.
  5. Quantity of goods is shown as well.
  6. Other headings added in the table are location stored, opening balance, purchased, sold and closing balance.
  7. The rate in rupees and the total value of the specific item is shown as well.
  8. Total of each is summed up in the same column as well.


Raw material stock statement ideas

  1. Debt to equity ratio
  2. Report analysis
  3. Cash flow statement
  4. Free personals
  5. Fixed assets
  6. Reunion marketing

Different type of stock take spreadsheet template in excel also available here.

Stock statement sheets required

To maintain stock availability to all the departments of the company, stock sheets are available free of cost on the internet, they are designed for different kinds of companies and industries to help them.

Word and Excel templates are considered ideal for the purpose. Click here to download raw material stock statement sheets.

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