Powerful filtering of the data, make excel an efficient choice for the business owners, who are able to save their time and effort. Additionally, it is considered one of the most popular data organization tools worldwide due to its amazing function and features including data management.

MS Excel has made life easier for all, whether one is a student or if you are a housewife. It is the favorite choice of most successful professionals and business owners. Its new versions keep coming with new features, including co-authoring other amazing features, recently introduced in this tool.

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  4. Project Management Templates

Ms. Excel – 2017 Features and Tricks for Daily Use:

Get a view over some of the features of this tool, which can make your life easier:

Auto fills series, although it might not be new for you, it is actually time-saving and really useful. If you are making a sheet with thousands of employees or persons, you are able to use it, rather than entering the same number in the series.

Watch window, it is so useful that if you are never aware of what have you selected and where is certain formula applicable or applied, you are able to view it in the watch window.

  1. Auto formulas, sometimes you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to use simple sum or subtraction formulas, however, this is done automatically by this tool, saving your time and effort.
  2. Shortcuts are available in this tool which allows you to work on the keyboard, rather than using the mouse, this is excellent when you are dealing with the potentially large amounts of data.

Conditional formatting, it is often used by the person, who is aware of this tool however It is required to help you get the results you are looking for.

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