Looking for a time tracking spreadsheet? I recently update my post (Time study spreadsheet). Check out this page for more templates like that. You can download daily to the weekly templates and manage the monthly records in Excel Sheet.

First of all, make sure about project Time Tracking VS HR Time Tracking Template. we have available both of types templates. In that case, you must download project milestone template excel for the best tool of project tracking & monitoring.

Time tracking is important for many businesses. It has multiple uses as per the nature of the business. There is labor in some businesses that are paid as per the quantity of work they have performed. Similarly, daily wages labor is paid as per the time they have spent doing some activity. For more ifnormation about this template CONTACT EXCEL124.com

  1. Daily Company staff time tracking
  2. You can convert this template into man-hours or shift schedule template
  3. Best spreadsheet template in that market
  4. MS Excel (Format) is using

Although, there are several time tracking tools available on the internet for any scale business. Sometimes tracking logs work to record the clock in and clock out times to record the number of hours work has spent on work. However, these tools require the purchase of expensive mobile apps or software.

Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet

Many Time tracking tools are available in the market.

A Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet is a tool used to monitor and record the amount of time spent on different activities or tasks throughout the day. It is typically created in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

The spreadsheet is divided into columns and rows, with each column representing a specific category or task, and each row representing a particular time interval (e.g., hourly, half-hourly, or even in smaller increments). Users can enter the start and end times for each task or activity they engage in during the day, allowing them to track the duration of their work or other activities accurately.

The Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet provides a structured and organized way to keep a record of how time is allocated throughout the day. It can be used for various purposes, including personal productivity tracking, project management, billing clients for time-based services, or analyzing time usage patterns to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Key Features of Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet

Therefore, the spreadsheet is simple and free of cost solutions for small businesses. It keeps track of the time being spent by the workers to perform certain activities.

  1. Moreover, this spreadsheet can be easily customise as per the requirement.
  2. One can simply record the total number of hours a worker has worked on a project in a week.

The spreadsheet is used by freelancers hired on an hourly basis, lawyers providing hourly services, engineers, contractors, and many other professionals. The purpose is to track the time spent on certain tasks or clients.

  1. Work in Progress Tracking

The same spreadsheet can be used as an employee attendance sheet with very few alterations. Also, the MS Excel professional features of pivot tables and drop-down lists are useful for effective management of the time tracking spreadsheet.

How does Project Portfolio help in Time Tracking?

Through using these templates we manage single to multiple projects at a time with easily generate reports. Reports you can easily download in PPT, Excel, and PDF in advance project portfolio version. With Timesheet and milestone charts you can easily track project time and progress accordingly.

Uses of Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet:

The spreadsheet has several advantages and can be used for different purposes such as:

  • The use of a spreadsheet is very common in projects. Where it is used to track the manhours spent on a certain activity to perform as per the availability of other resources. So, the total actual labor cost for the activity can be calculated.
  • It is also used in the businesses that hire the labor on daily wages or as per the work requirement. So, wages can be paid daily according to the time spent by each worker.
  • Work same like staff roster template

Types of Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet

Although there are several types of time tracking spreadsheets. However, employee-wise and daily time tracking spreadsheets are the most common ones.

Moreover, the spreadsheet is used by small businesses to record the clock in and out of the time of all the employees for a particular day. An effective daily time tracking spreadsheet must include the following details:

  1. Name of Project
  2. Date
  3. List of Employees
  4. Designation
  5. Activity Description
  6. Start Time
  7. Break Start
  8. Break End
  9. End Time
  10. Vacation / Sick Hours
  11. Regular Hours
  12. Overtime Hours
  13. Total Hours Worked

In conclusion, the template is an MS Excel-based tool used by small businesses to record the clock in and out information of the workers.

Google Sheets Daily Timesheet Template

Google docs’ base spreadsheet with the benefits of online saving is the most popular tool nowadays. Check out various formats and pick the best for your company or project theme. Download app of google time-sheet template for mobile use.

HR Time Tracking

So, the total hours worked by an employee in a day can be calculated for different purposes. Such as to calculate the labor cost to perform an activity.

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