Employee Information Form Template

This article entails information about the forms in which the information about employees is recorded. Most of the organizations keep this form in MS Excel format while some organizations also keep it in MS Word or an online database management systems.

Nonetheless, it is very convenient to keep the record safe in Excel sheet. It allows the managers to access the form without using internet.

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Moreover, it also allows managing unlimited edits in the information recorded in a form. Hence, it serves as a valid tool for documenting employee’s information in any organizational framework.


  1. Easy to Edit ad Printable
  2. Available in Word and PDF format
  3. Microsoft 2007 version required
  4. Change further editing after downloading the template

Employee Information Form Template

Employee Personal Details (Information) Management

An Employee Information form contains the necessary introduction of employees; for instance, it contains the full name, email address, postal address, permanent address with postal box, phone numbers, and date of birth, etc. The information is kept safe by the Human Resource Department of the organization or by the supervisor of an employee.

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This is done in order to ensure that the employee could be reached in case of an emergency occurs or in case if an employee runs away from the workplace after stealing confidential information or assets of the employer organization. Hence, the form contains info that could be helpful for the organization to track its employees in case an employee never appears in the office for many days.

Security of Employee Information Form

The Employee form also enhances the security of information that is kept in the Excel document file. The security features can be applied by making the document protected. This option is available in every MS Excel spreadsheet format. To enable this option in the Excel form, you need to go into the ‘Review’ options and select ‘Protect workbook’ option. It will apply security to the workbook.

You can also apply a password to the Excel sheet by using the same option. If you want to share this sheet to the limited number of people, then you can do this by using the ‘Share workbook’ option which is available next to the ‘Protect Workbook’ option. If you want to share some sheets in an Excel file and want to hide some, then you can use the ‘Protect sheet’ option. It will enable security to some sheets that you selected for security and will remain other sheets open to general view.

Sample Employee Information Form

You can get free templates of sample Employee Information form on the internet. Most of the forms are available for free on different websites. Moreover, they have a very customizable design so that you could create changes in it in order to make it as per your organizational standards.

Downloading the free samples will save your time and you do not have to spend any effort or time in creating it on your own.

All you would have to do is to create some changes in design or color or in the name of the file. It will not take much time for you to handle the editing; moreover the downloading will also take not more than 1 or 2 seconds if you download the template from a reliable website.


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