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Annual Employee Leave (PTO Tracker) Excel format

Are you want to manage employee leaves record or accrual (holiday) plan? It’s very important to manage or track all employee record basis on their activities. In other words, you can call the employee leave tracker template.

What is PTO?

Starting with what PTO stands for i.e. Paid Time Off. It refers to the time taken off a job by an employee in any business setting.

In some references, Personal Time Off is another acronym for PTO. Most firms allow their employees to have PTO as their regular employment benefits.

The employees are legally equipped to have some days off annually as part of their job contracts. Therefore, this compels the businesses to regularly have an observance over the PTO of each employee.

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PTO Tracker Excel

Hence, businesses have to come up with a plan to track their employees’ time-off records. The firms extract that plan using a PTO Tracker.

Types of PTO Trackers:

Different types of trackers are available in the market, here I will offer you to download premium quality templates. You can manage not only employee vacation or leave but attendance also. Staff roster sheet helps you also for tracking data.

PTO Tracker Template (Excel/Spreadsheet):

The majority of the business world prefers PTO Tracking through Excel templates. However, the trend is gradually fading away because it’s not only a manual procedure but also requires consistent and extensive human attention.

However, since the majority still uses PTO Tracker Templates I’ll be explaining how to use them in a while.

PTO Tracking Software:

Nowadays everyone prefers fast and automated processing. Therefore, firms that can afford to buy a piece of software for their use are buying and switching to applications to automate their employee PTO criteria.

Computer software for observing the leaves and time taken off by employees makes it a whole lot easier to calculate their incomes and automate their attendance system.

How does this Excel Leave Tracker (PTO) Template Work?

A PTO Tracker Template in Excel may be a combination of the paid hours, vacation hours, and short hours taken by an employee. This allows the firm to calculate every employee’s total and authentic work hours without any ambiguity.

The following are the benefits of PTO Tracker Templates:

  1. Helps to promote a trusting relationship between the employees and the firm.
  2. Moreover, promotes discipline within the firm with authentic disciplinary actions.
  3. It leaves no ambiguity regarding the observation of the time taken off by employees.
  4. Employees expect a right and highly authentic procedure by the firms and any chance of ambiguity in observation of their Personal Time Off destroys trust.
  5. However, PTO Tracker Software is a much better and more useful choice in digital times as compared to a manually operated PTO Tracker Template in MS Excel.

Summary Sheet:

In this section, you can set a particular year, and color representations of (Absents, Leave, and Attendance). You can also replace the company logo and Tag line over there.

Employee Statistics in Details:

In this section, mention employee ID, Name, Designation (Absent, Leave, Presents). In front mark Absent, Leave, and Present with some unique sign.

Employee Data Base Sheet:

In this database sheet, you must list each employee database record with some unique ID or Code. Do not further changes to this sheet, if so then contact the Excel124.net team.

Printable Sheet (PTO Tracker)

Just enter any employee IT or unique code, all stats relate to Leave, absence, and attendance you can print instantly with a graphical presentation. Below in this sheet, we add some further details like “NOTE” and signatures (You can edit).

Using a PTO Tracker:

Following is a step-by-step guide to creating a PTO Tracking Template to calculate the right amount of income earned by employees in MS Excel:

  • The first step is obviously to open a blank sheet in Excel.
  • The second step is to enter all of your independent entities. For example, in this case, they may be Employee Name, Date, Total Working Hours, Hours Worked, Allowed PTO, Work Hours Short By, Income/Hour, and Total Income.
  • In addition to that, you have to select each column and define its definition by assigning it a formula (you will know how to go about it if you know the basics of Excel). In the case of Total Income, it may be equal to Hours worked x Income/Hour.
  • Similarly, you may add any other requirement as required and calculate the total income.

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PTO Tracker Template Example

Total Income

(Back end formula = (Hours worked + Work Hours Short By) * Income)

Employee Name Date Total Working Hours Hours worked Allowed PTO Hours Work Hours Short By Income/Hour Total Income


Mike Ross 7/8/2019 12 7 2 3 $17 $119
Donna Paulsen 7/8/2019 12 13 2 -1 $15 $180

In the same way, the complexity of the template can vary from one requirement and preference to another. However, the simpler the template is and helps you achieve your goals, the better it is.

The above example is just a concept template specially designed to help you to grasp the concept of time tracking. It may be just right in some conditions but requires modification and formality as you move up the ladder.

To sum up, time tracking is a necessary object when it comes to employee regulation. In huge firms, it may be impossible to use Excel sheets for all the employees, therefore, automated software is preferred.

But until then, you may use one of the PTO Tracker Templates already available on the internet. You may learn to use them to make ends meet or design your own.

Note: For more information and Editing in this template (PTO Tracker Excel), you can contact Excel124. Some users ask us about changing weekends, some add in more on the chart ETC.

Common FAQS about PTO Tracker (Employee Leave)

Here are some questions, you will ask after downloading this template. You can Comment us and discuss any further technical issues with us.

How can I add more Employees to this PTO Tracker (Up to 20)?

You can add more than 50 Employees to this sheet, for more, you have to discuss with the Excel124 team of experts.  We update this template for many users up to 500 employees and display it on the dashboard.

How to change the Holidays pattern for specific Countries?

Every country has its own holiday, you can set holidays through a data-sheet or Mark holiday sign. So no impact on this on the left dashboard.

How can I completely customize this PTO Tracker?

If you want completely customize this template according to your requirements then you should contact us.


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