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3+ Issue Tracking Template Excel

Wants to download Microsoft project management template? Here we, you can download free Task tracker template for monitoring required task. You can set this template in any kind of business like restaurant management. In this article, you can access to download issue tracking template in excel format.

Learn about all types of issues with your projects and in the company with issue tracking template! You can now learn the best way of tracking and monitoring them and dealing with them efficiently! Using project portfolio template for updating any issue during project life-cycle.

  1. Track issue during any stage of project planning
  2. Highlight Area, through easily identify particular issue during any phase of project cycle

An Issue Tracking Template in Excel is a pre-designed spreadsheet that helps individuals or teams manage and track issues or problems that arise during a project or any other organizational activity. It is a tool commonly used in project management to monitor and resolve various types of issues that may impact the progress or success of a project.

The template typically consists of columns and rows that provide a structured format for capturing relevant information about each issue. Some common elements included in an issue tracking template are:

  1. Issue ID: A unique identifier assigned to each issue for easy reference and tracking.
  2. Description: A brief summary or description of the issue.
  3. Priority: The level of importance or urgency assigned to the issue, often indicated by high, medium, or low.
  4. Status: The current status or stage of the issue, such as open, in progress, resolved, or closed.
  5. Assigned To: The individual or team responsible for addressing and resolving the issue.
  6. Due Date: The deadline or target date for resolving the issue.
  7. Comments/Notes: Additional information or comments related to the issue, such as progress updates or relevant discussions.

By using an Issue Tracking Template in Excel, project managers or team members can efficiently record, monitor, and manage issues throughout the project lifecycle. It allows for better organization, prioritization, and allocation of resources to address and resolve problems promptly, thereby minimizing their impact on the project’s success.

Get free, ready to use Excel templates on this blog and ensure your company success while saving your costs as well**. Enjoy our free excel templates prepare by some of the smart and best online professionals in the excel industry!

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Quick Facts for Project Managers about Tracker

Mostly template has these functions mention below here.

  1. Project Live Dashboard Stats Reporting (Task in Progress, Pending Task, Issue)
  2. % Task Completion or Gantt Chart (Optional)
  3. Custom Editing in any Template
  4. Estimate time remaining of the particular task
  5. Agile Management & monitoring, risk assessment template excel

Project Issue Tracking Template in Excel

To tell the truth, maintaining the quality and keeping the desired level of outcome is not very easy these days.

This is because there is high competition in the market and in the projects as well! Moreover, keeping all your company and project issues at the single place is an easy way of dealing with them!

  1. Moreover, you ensure, you are not missing any of this issue, which can later become a cause of failure or downfall of your projects! Speaking about these templates, its tabular layout is fabulous actually!
  2. Download IT risk assessment template

On the other hand, distilling a large amount of information while keeping it short and relevant is always complicated! With issue tracking template, you can always remain aware of the ongoing issues and upcoming risks as well! Additionally, some of the issues can be actually solved instantly reducing the chances of occurring them with your friendly and useful tool**.

Issue tracking templates best of the kind and features

With many online blogs and service providers, which one to choose from to get the excel tool for your company?

Through this issue tracking tool you can identify any issue in ongoing project. Handy but most important tracking template to track and report any issue to project managers. There are many FREE version is available on market, But this Excel124 issue tracking template can easily manage projects.

Some are offering online Issue Tracking Template excel, however here you can find the best compilation of excel templates without charging you a single penny:

Looking for a template which can be used anywhere? Go ahead, download this now:

For one thing, this template does not lack anything, in fact, it is found to be part of every company and project manager to remain aware of the ongoing issues as well as new in the queue as well! With this, you don’t need to look upon the different documents to become aware of the issues and bugs. All are available in the most manage way!

Related Template: Document Tracker Template

In particular, have you ever seen a project where there is no need to make any decision? Well, it’s impossible. Every good decision is actually a result of the data and information available. Additionally, with you excel template every decision can be made timely and efficiently as you have all the required information in the excel template!

A highly popular template with extremely easy to use and common components including, “type of project”, “type of issue or bug”, “monitor and control measures”, “projects effected”, and “other” information as well! You are free to add any columns or rows in the template as well.

Customer Issue Management Template

No heard of this Issue Tracking Template Excel? Let’s have a look at its format and some of the best features:

To illustrate, even you are part of the production industry or service providing company like digital agency, making software’s for your clients, you need this template! This is because handling the project to the clients; you need to check the outcome and quality as well!

We have also another template “Action Plan Template” for multiple goals adding and issue identify in any stage. Estimate time (Project schedule) of any issue must report or track easily.

You can need to fill data sheet about any issue, and you can easily show status about issue through dashboard with particular resource person.

In sale project I set a bar chart of project category showing (Today, Yesterday. Last Week) issue data. Already categorise project into *Banking, Health, Insurance, Telecom).


In all honesty, your free issue tracking template is actually the best medium for issue tracking! At any instance, a project manager can see which of the team members is actually working on which tasks and who is dealing with the issue!

  1. This means an efficient selection can be made for issue tracking and right candidate can be chosen for resolving it quickly and efficiently!
  2. Speaking about this, any misconceptions and assumptions can lead to the downfall of the project or losing any of the company precious clients as well in the future!

When dealing with troubles, it’s all about the right general view of the issue and then outlining a plan to solve it rather than outlining solution on the basis of assumptions!

Project Issue Management with Dashboard

Are you a smart project manager or experience one? Which company you are part of? Dealing with multiple projects at a time? Through project management timeline dashboard, you can manage any issue easily instant.

Have you ever considered how to end up a specific bug from the software or the product you have prepared? There are series of the process actually outline on the basis of the project and other important data! This all is available to you now in form of best bug excel template!

Concerning this, you may not allow certain users to see the bug! With excel tool, you are free to allow access to the limited users and mentioning their name in the sheet as well!

Moreover, you can now share the bug report with the clients as well in the smartest and manage level using Issue Tracking Template available for the purpose! With the help of project management documents you can easily track any issue quickly also.

  1. Similarly, you can now make the strategy or plan to solve the certain issue as well!

Wither you are at the work premises or away you can now add up certain users to this process and therefore get a smart process and solution for any specific bug! This means no more time wastage!

This is a highly useful sheet which works on all the versions of excel! For best working, it is recommending to update your Microsoft Excel and then use the template!

Prevent a lot of stress and worries in your workplace with getting right Issue Tracking Template Excel for the management and bug tracking!


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