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Stakeholder Register Template Excel

Looking for a stakeholder management plan or engagement strategy template, so we have a stakeholder register template. In which you can describe each detail about stakeholder-related projects and strategies. Download these templates in EXCEL format for construction projects and for PMP also. Download the project portfolio dashboard template and manage your stakeholder plan.

  1. PowerPoint slides for business strategy and promotion
  2. Stakeholder register in project management
  3. For construction and other IT projects
  4. Stakeholder engagement matrix template with example WORD template

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What is a Stakeholder Register Template?

Stakeholders are involved in projects and with their presence, the project or an organization has some impact. In a project, where several things are changing on and off, one thing remains the same, that is a stakeholder. Stakeholders play a special part in a project. Their opinions matter a lot.

And their opinion can directly or indirectly affect the progress of the project.  They mainly work on shaping the strategy of the project. The common terms in the stakeholder risk register are mentioned to keep things easier;

  1. Risk: Any event or activity that can impact the normal working of the organization.
  2. Opinion: The thoughts and ideas of the stakeholder towards a project.
  3. Expertise: Formal knowledge on a topic
  4. Responsibilities: The expected actions a stakeholder is to carry out.
  5. Issues: Any resulting problems or concerns raised by a stakeholder

There are different members involved in a risk management process. But whenever a risk is explained, it is surely communicating with the stakeholder at any stage to seek expert advice. Engaging a stakeholder might get you some positive effects in the plan of action of the project.


Importance and Benefits of Stakeholder Register Template:

The importance of engaging stakeholders with risk registers is evident in the outcomes or the performances. The main goal is to make the stakeholder aware of the potential risks and their outcomes. When the information is transferred to the stakeholders with their impact and expertise they deal with that risk and resolve the issues that a project is likely to face. Some major roles of risk stakeholders are listed;

  1. Understanding– The main thing is to fully understand the identified risk and its effects.
  2. Informing– When they are informed about certain risks, they are supposed to pass on some related information or knowledge to the organization.
  3. Identifying: Risk Stakeholder works on identifying the risks.
  4. Providing: To provide enough resources to deal with that risk.
  5. Training: Sometimes additional training is required to educate the staff.
  6. Communicating: Risk management can only be done effectively if the team and stakeholders are in good communication.

How do risks register to use in stakeholder engagement strategy?

Stakeholders have influential power and can change the perspective of the project or an organization. The method of engaging a stakeholder in risk management for their input ID is briefly mentioned below;

  • First of all, the stakeholder analysis tools are used to identify different types of stakeholders. Once the stakeholders are identified all necessary information regarding the project is transferred to them. The scope, objectives, team, deliverables, and milestones are fairly discussed. In case the stakeholder has to add in his opinion on any step of the project she/ he is welcome.
  • Risk management complexity commonly has 4 levels. According to the experience of the stakeholder, the management level is identified. Data shared with the stakeholder is also recorded.
  • Once the stakeholder is explaining enough about the risk and is now fully aware of the underlying issues, the stakeholder consultation is made. Objectives define using key performance indicators. The stakeholder is given the full opportunity to share his expertise.
  • The level of complexity of the risks is already mentioning, now stakeholders are given the opportunity to analyze the situation.
  • Now the main part is to check the high priority risks. The stakeholder with the collaborative effort decides which risk is a high priority and requires immediate control.
  • To mitigate the risks, an action plan is made to maximize the opportunities. Different strategies are put forward to deal with the risks and the ones with maximum benefit opt.
  • Now the risk management is almost in its final stages, the stakeholder expects to look after the implementation process. Any errors in the implementation process are likely to create damage.
  • Once the risk is picking and an alternative plan to cope with a situation is starts, now the final step is monitoring the new changed strategy and constantly reviewing the progress to learn about the ongoing process in an organization.

Analysis of Stakeholder Risk Register

Stakeholder Register Template Excel is an important tool used in risk management. The stakeholder risk register gives information that holds enough value.

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It tells us about the impact and response of a stakeholder to any risk in a project. Not all the stakeholders show the same involvement and interest in a project. But the risk register template keeps the data about stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder Register in Project Management

During managing multiple projects, make sure you have the proper tools/templates. It’s your project management duty to manage these to-do list items.

  1. Download Stakeholder Register Template from ProjecTimes also
  2. What is the stakeholder Register according to PMI

In any project or organization, managing stakeholders effectively is crucial for success. Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have an interest or are affected by a project or organization’s activities. To ensure proper engagement and communication, it is essential to maintain a comprehensive stakeholder register.

Excel, being a versatile tool, provides an ideal platform for creating and managing a stakeholder register. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an Excel stakeholder register template and provide a step-by-step guide on how to create one.

Creating an Excel Stakeholder Register Template

Step 1: Identify the necessary columns: Start by determining the essential information you want to capture about each stakeholder. This may include name, role, organization, contact details, influence level, interest, engagement history, and any other relevant data.

Step 2: Create column headers: In Excel, create column headers based on the information identified in Step 1. Use clear and descriptive labels to ensure easy understanding and navigation.

Step 3: Populate the stakeholder information: Fill in the rows beneath the column headers with the stakeholder details. Add stakeholders’ names, roles, organizations, contact information, and other pertinent information.

Step 4: Customize and format: Apply formatting techniques to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your stakeholder register. Use conditional formatting to highlight critical stakeholders or flag any specific concerns. Additionally, you can sort and filter the data based on different parameters to facilitate analysis and decision-making.

Step 5: Regularly update and maintain: As the project or organization progresses, make sure to update the stakeholder register regularly. Add new stakeholders, modify existing information, and record any changes or interactions to ensure the register remains accurate and up to date.


An Excel stakeholder register template provides a valuable tool for managing stakeholder relationships efficiently. By centralizing stakeholder information, streamlining communication, and tracking engagements, this template enables effective stakeholder management, ultimately contributing to project or organizational success. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a comprehensive stakeholder register that aligns with your specific requirements and facilitates effective stakeholder engagement.


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