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CRM Excel Template

An electronic spreadsheet is part of many service providing and other companies, and they are helpful in recording any of the details required including clients’ information. A variety of CRM Excel Template is available also on customer requests.
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Download client visit tracking report template, to become aware of the selected clients and the total number of persons visiting your workplace at any specific date and time. Healthcare bodies, like hospitals and clinics, are required to keep their patient’s visit records to update. Through these templates, your communication management plan is more improved.

  1. Complete client tracking system through CRM Excel
  2. The sheet of Customer database with CRM spreadsheet
  3. Help daily time tracking spreadsheet for record & Maintain data

Most of the service providing companies are earning sales revenue from the clients coming to their place therefore recording and monitoring these details are important.

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They are even more fundamental in making contact with them again or letting know them about any new promotions and discounts packages offered at your place.

Types of CRM Excel Template

Now track the daily performance of your business by making this template your business part, and is beneficial in the following regard:

Make sales activity tracking for different time periods.

  1. Your managers are now able to see the probability of sales on any specific day of the week by following this sheet
  2. Look out for weekly and monthly, sales activities, and give out sales targets to your sales team
  3. It helps you maintain each individual client account

Filename: “Excel Customer Tracking Template”

File Size: 43 Kb

File Format: Ms. Excel(XLSX)

Template Type: Advance (Free)

Author Name: John Mathew

Customer Tracking Spreadsheet Excel:

Determine goal progress and pass out sales targets to your team.

  1. You are now able to analyze actual clients that are turned into sales.
  2. An individual sheet for tracking customers’ details, including their contact details.
  3. Check out the due dates of the sales targets and leftover sales can be made timely.

This template is a great opportunity for streamlining communication, in contact centers as you are able to turn interested clients into sales leads through downloading the communication Project Tracker Excel Template.

Real Estate CRM Excel Template

A specific CRM-based template (Real estate) is available for you. Just contact us and download a template specific to real estate businesses.

CRM Spreadsheet Template

The spreadsheet is also available, you can download spreadsheets for expense & budget tracking and invoice tracking of customers on daily to a weekly basis.

Any bounced customers and interested candidates can be viewed through this Excel sheet, and any editing can be made in the template as well.

Customer Follow-Up Sheet Excel

The invoice template is used for presenting the total amount of sales to a customer against the amount paid or payable by the customer for acquiring the products sold.MS Excel as a document format been used for many years, so check out a few samples now.

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It is actually a payment receipt and entails the bill for a product or service that is either ordered or acquired by the customer.

Once the product is ordered by the customer, the seller makes the sales receipt and delivers it to the customer. The monthly sales reporting template acts as legal proof of ordering of service by the customer. Once the receipt reaches to the customer, it acts as a legal proof that the customer has acquired the product and has agreed to all the terms and conditions of acquiring the product

Features of a Client Tracking (CRM)

You must maintain daily sales to track the financial objects. The sample sales receipt contains certain features and information that is necessary to be mentioned on the receipt to authenticate the sales. For your information, a sales receipt contains these features:

  1. Name of the seller company is mentioned at the top of the receipt.
  2. Date of sales is mentioned at the top right corner of the receipt.
  3. Name of the customer can also be written either on the top or bottom corner of it.
  4. The central section of the receipt contains the description of the product or service that is sold or delivered to the customer. The price of the product or service is mentioned in the column that is adjacent to the lines of description of the product.
  5. The total fee, cost, or price is mentioned after totaling all the underlying costs of delivering the product to the customer. It is mentioned at the bottom of the receipt. This is the amount that the customer has to pay to the seller.

How to Create CRM Template in Excel?

Easy to create the template (Blank) required no technical knowledge of Excel. Just basic know ow about creating the grid, table for basic formulas.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential aspect of any successful business. It involves managing and organizing customer data to improve customer service, increase sales, and foster long-term relationships. Excel, with its versatile features, provides a practical and customizable platform for creating a CRM template. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to create a CRM template in Excel.


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