Audit Plan Template Excel

Without these audit templates, you can’t manage the entire process easily. Download audit scope. Budgeting, auditor contract details in Excel, and PDF format for reporting.

What is an Audit Plan Template?

Auditing is extremely important to know if everything on the project is working fine, all the resources are used as per the plan and expense is under the proposed budget. An Audit plan template helps the project manager do the audit of the project without putting in extra energy and time. There are a number of templates available for it.

But choosing a professional audit plan will give better features and layout. Each company or project has a different fixed time for audit, some perform their audit twice a year, and some annually. It mainly depends upon the requirement of the project or an organization.

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  1. Document Audit plan format in Word & excel
  2. Found template in project management documentation planning

Templates are easy to use just like other project management tools and also cover large audiences both professional and beginners. The available templates are SEO compatible which adds value to your audit plan. The templates are easily modifiable; the project manager can change, add or replace anything as per the requirement.

Internal Audit Plan Template Format

An internal audit requires a more comprehensive plan. The foremost thing to carry out an audit is to make the team understand the importance of the audit plan. Basically, to understand the need for an audit plan. When going through an internal audit the most questions which likely occur are;

  • Why has an audit plan been approved for an internal audit?
  • How will this internal audit help the project achieve its goals/ milestones or objectives?
  • What are the major expertise risks highlighted in the audit?
  • Were there any previous audits? If yes, where are the audit reports?
  • Have you observed any marked changes after the previous audit?

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The internal audit is focused on the standards, areas in which improvement can be made and to check the effectiveness of the system. Internal audits are likely to happen more often to keep up with the progress and quality check of the project. Here’s a basic checklist for an effective internal audit plan.

  1. Scheduling the audit at a suitable time is important. When planning an internal audit, seek approval from the team working on the project. Sometimes the operational team is reluctant to share the details of an ongoing project. To get the best audit result, inform the team beforehand and then make arrangements.
  2. Right after finalizing the audit schedule, make a proper plan for the audit. Management of the organization or a project look for suitable auditors and the auditor gives the information regarding the best time to conduct an audit.
  3. After extensive planning, now is the time for the execution. As per the plan, the audit process starts to check the flaws or look for loopholes in the project. Managers and auditors work together to attain effective results.
  4. After going through an audit, the auditors with the help of managers or supervisors carefully write a report on the finding of the audit. The errors are highlighted to make improvements.
  5. The acquired results need regular follow-ups to address the issues and make adjustments.

How to Create an Audit Plan in Excel?

  1. First of all, select the audit plan template you want to work on
  2. Enter the data carefully according to the given headings of the template. You can alter them as per the need of your project. Not all projects require the same particular audit. Different projects will have different areas in which an audit is required
  3. Enter the strategic and financial information in your spreadsheet in the designated columns. You may require bank receipts or checks to check the transactions that are made
  4. If you want to add an extra column simply right-click and insert the column where you want
  5. Match the data from the respective columns to counter-check the expenses
  6. Proofread the spreadsheet and remove any errors are present

Quality Audit Plan

Quality audits can be performed both internally and externally. It is to check if the product is in compliance with the quality standards set before the start of the project. The quality audit is also called a product audit as it determines the specifications required by the customer.

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The quality audit plan plays a role in the approval or rejection of the final project.  Quality audit plans also occur at different intervals; some companies conduct more frequent quality audits to keep up the quality standards.

Risk-Based Internal Audit Template

The risk-based internal audit plan is a bit tricky and needs attention but gives the best outcomes on which you can work on for improvement. It helps you to locate the risk and its severity and directs you toward better planning suggestions.

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