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Download Work in Progress Chart Template

Different types of templates (Gantt chart, Task tracker, Milestone) are used for managing work in progress in construction, IT, and other industries.

Here you can download Chart and spreadsheet-based templates in multiple Microsoft formats of Word and Excel.

Note: Some template (Shown Below) is only accessible VIA Email.

What is the Work In Progress Template?

Work-in-progress updates charts using the Word and Excel templates are added here for you free of cost. Project management dashboards and timeline templates are also updated for better cost-benefit analysis and organization in the companies that have adopted these templates. During creating project preliminary planning, this task tracking must include in your plan.

  1. Project Portfolio Access for Work in progress
  2. Easy to edit and printable template
  3. Gantt chart and Task list management sheet are available
  4. Generate Report

Manpower available in the company working on specific tasks can be determined as well as the tasks under consideration. Effective use of manpower ensures the use of the available resources in the best manner to obtain the deliverables of the project on time.

Progress tracking reports must manage monthly, during multiple operations of project management, there is a need to already ready work-in-progress chart templates in any format for easy making financial reporting and tracking the entire analytical data. For statistical controlling to warehouse inventory management, you must need this type of template for checking the checklist.

In the job safety template, while a chart is formulated for a particular project it is important to realize manpower has specific skills for the operation ensuring less wastage of precious resources which can be in the form of labor time and machine hours. If a manager is well aware of the goals he can set targets to fortify the constructive performance of the labor and the project team.

Work Progress Chart Format

Check out the template in multiple versions of Microsoft, for student progress charts to employee performance management to entire company auditing, you must prepare for this.

  1. The weekly or monthly chart is prepared therefore the initial step is to decide the time interval for it to be created.
  2. A table is added in the word template having headings current task/status, high, medium, low, total, and % of the total.
  3. Tasks left behind from the chart, work in progress, closed, and not started are enlisted in the template.

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Flowcharts in Excel

A simple flowchart can be easily formulated in Excel templates once you are well aware of the links between tasks and realize tasks that are dependent and tasks dependent on the completion of other jobs. The start process, task 1, task 2, predefined process, and end process are added to the flow chart.

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Developing business concepts and planning meetings are quite easier if you are using work in progress chart to realize the current position of the project. The development and testing phase can be easily and effectively done. It uses different formats in Excel and Word templates have been also searched here.

Benefits of Using a Work-in-Progress Chart

A Work in Progress chart offers numerous advantages, including:

  1. Visual representation: A WIP chart provides a visual snapshot of all the tasks and their progress within a project. It allows team members to quickly assess the status of each task and identify bottlenecks or areas that require attention.
  2. Improved communication: The chart serves as a common reference point for team members, making it easier to communicate about project progress. Providing a clear overview facilitates discussions and enables effective collaboration.
  3. Enhanced productivity: With a WIP chart, team members can better prioritize their work and understand dependencies between tasks. This clarity leads to improved productivity as individuals can focus on completing tasks and meeting deadlines.
  4. Identifying delays and managing risks: By tracking the progress of each task, a WIP chart helps project managers identify potential delays early on. This allows for proactive risk management and timely adjustments to keep the project on track.


Effective project management requires clear visibility into task progress and potential roadblocks. A Work in Progress (WIP) chart provides a powerful visual tool to track and manage project tasks, enabling teams to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

By downloading a WIP chart template, you can streamline your project management process, improve communication, and enhance productivity. Embrace the power of WIP charts to optimize your project management practices and achieve successful project outcomes.



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