Looking for a complete pack of restaurant template? Here we have a complete set of restaurant management template, which you can directly use creating loss and profit sheet, daily sales report, expense tracking, and other business plans for the restaurant.

The restaurant business management is very effective, if you maintain all directly or indirectly factor, so Excel template can fulfill your problem.

  1. Restaurant Profit and Loss Tracker
  2. Daily Sales Report
  3. Stock Inventory Record

We will continuously update different template relates to dashboard reporting, expense budget tracking, scheduling and finance for maintaining each activity in the restaurant.

Restaurant Budget Template

Excel Base Restaurant Management

This is an MS Excel formatted file and is used for estimating the expenses that are incurred in a restaurant. The expenses are listed in this Excel budget expense sheet according to the date on which they incurred. The amount of each expense is correctly written in the box very next to its description.

Different restaurants might include different details in a budget sheet depending upon their structure and nature of expenses. For your information, I present you some examples of expenses that are incurred in a restaurant. The expenses related to:

  1. Maintenance and repairing
  2. Wages of waiters
  3. Salaries of restaurant managers
  4. Furniture (if new is bought)
  5. Utensils like cups, plates, etc
  6. Credit card fees
  7. Rents
  8. Bank charges
  9. Food delivery costs
  10. Utility bills, etc

There could be many other specific expenses depending upon the restaurant. The Restaurant budget Template in MS Excel serves very well for the Restaurant owners to take an overview of all the expenses incurred in a month or any other duration.

Restaurant Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Excel

Download restaurant monthly loss and profit statement in excel template. Whether you are interested in getting restaurant information on single spreadsheet or if you are interested in making a look at where the cash is spend on particular day, consider downloading dashboard reporting templates for restaurant management.

These templates are basically designed by professionals for different purposes; however the main objective is to help you in better managing your restaurant or café. No need to look for any expensive software, as these templates can fulfill all your restaurant requirements.

Annually Sales and Budget Template

Here are some key highlights of the templates prepared for management purpose.

They are available in different categories.

  • There are various choices available in these templates as some are designed for tracking sales purpose, while others are for the purpose of making expense management.
  • Whether you are running your own restaurant, a coffee shop or a café, you will never regret your choice as these templates help you better manage your place than ever.

It is fully customized and easy to use template.

  • The template is already prepared to help you just download and start using it.
  • If you are required to make any changes according to your preference, you are able to do this easily.

Sales Dashboards for Restaurant Management

Now you are able to monitor sales made on any specific date in your restaurant, through this excel spreadsheet and dashboard. In this way you are also able to analyze, which are the days, when your restaurant has made most of the revenue and therefore making smarter decisions.


income Statement

Check some example business income and balance sheet of restaurant, daily to monthly use template may help you to manage financial of stock inventory and other expenses.

Restaurant P&l Analysis

Understanding restaurant Net profit over the regular month, evaluate budget related performance and overall Net profit direct by clients.

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