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Looking for WBS project management template for multiple projects? You can easily download WBS in excel, MS word and Google sheet format. Make sure these templates are only accessible with Project Life-Cycle bundle.

  1. Resource WBS Templates for multiple projects
  2. WBS With Gantt Chart template of Excel format
  3. Risk breakdown structure template
  4. Construction Project WBS Template

For more info and detail of template (WBS), you can contact team of expert. Project management timeline template attach with this can help overall project scheduling.

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a project management tool used to organize and break down complex projects into smaller, more manageable components. It is a hierarchical decomposition of the project deliverables, tasks, and subtasks.

A WBS Project Management Template is a pre-designed framework or format that helps project managers create and document a WBS for their projects. It provides a standardized structure and layout to capture and represent the breakdown of work required to complete the project.

The template typically consists of a tree-like structure with various levels of indentation. At the top level, the project is divided into major deliverables or phases. Each major deliverable is then further decomposed into smaller components, and this process continues until the work is broken down into manageable tasks or work packages.


Breakdown of a large project into smaller tasks is a very useful technique that makes work easier to manage. In project management, this technique is used in the work breakdown structure tool and is one of the most essential documents in project management.

It can alone merge the scope, schedule, and expense of the project and ensure that plans are on track. In Bundle of project -life-cycle you can download complete project planning (WBS) templates.

Multi-Step and WBS for Complex projects

Work breakdown structure is an approach that allows you to complete multi-step and complex projects. It is a process to split and accomplish enormous projects to progress efficiently and at a fast pace.

WBS Objective

The primary objective of WBS is to convert large projects into manageable fractions. This splitting of works ensures that the tasks are performed by various teams simultaneously that will lead to enhance team productivity and smooth progression of projects.

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WBS and PMI Model and Framework

PMI is a project management institute that defines WBS in this way: ‘a deliverable-based hierarchical breakdown of work to be performed by the project team to complete the objectives of the project and produce required deliverables.

Moreover, the definition of PMI extends that a WBS must be created in such a way that each new stage in the hierarchy encapsulates all the work required to accomplish the entire task.

Types of WBS Project Management Template for Multiple Projects

Different types of WBS templates are available according to project type and nature.


A work breakdown structure paired up with Gantt chart gives information regarding tasks and sub- tasks and also provides visual overview of the project. This is like integration of a WBS outline, project schedule and a dictionary in one template.

You can manage tasks with the help of WBS outline numbering including all the details relevant to your project, for instance completion status, duration, assigned owners and deadlines and utilize Gantt chart to track the progress and results visually.


With the help of this template, you can arrange tasks in a tree diagram or as an outline.

  1. Create a comprehensive hierarchical list of all the events and tasks that have to be achieved in a software development project and record the difference between internal activities and client deliverables.
  2. This template can be edited for software upgrade if required despite creating new development project.

Some templates don’t cover the branches for the activities of project management so you have to be aware to track them separately.


This template is designed by keeping in mind the construction projects. It can be like an outline or a tree diagram that can be edited to add essential phases and work tasks for your project. Task hierarchy can be visualized in both formats that are either through parent and child rows in the form of outline or by a diagram that is color-coded.


Resource breakdown structure template is also a hierarchical list consists of resources based on resource type and function that aids in planning and handling the tasks of the project. RBS comprises of personal resources required for the accomplishment of the projects successfully.

It gives comprehensive report about all the resources on which all the expenses of the project will be spent like

  1. Tools
  2. Labor
  3. Machinery
  4. Raw materials
  5. Licenses

In the RBS, actual money is not considered as a resource but only those errands that cost money are added.

In resource breakdown structure, the resources are split into their types and categories so that human resource and their needs can be identified for a specific project.

For simple projects resources breakdown structure looks like a comprehensive list while for more complex projects, it may seems like an organizational chart or an outline. For instance, the first level in the RBS template could be the business unit to which the resource belongs along with the requirements of the project outlined underneath and enclose all the necessary resources as mentioned above.


Similar to the work breakdown structure, the risk breakdown structure gives you a framework for ranking and categorizing the risks related with any project under construction. Just like Task Breakdown Structure, you can schedule risk management also.

It helps project managers in smooth planning and to evaluate the effects of those risks. A risk breakdown template can arrange the risks relevant to the project into major groups that can include organizational, technical, external, or relates to project management.

  1. This can serve as the basis to pin point more particular sub- categories for example under technical category we can also see technology, requirements, complexity in processes and other analytical issues.
  2. From here the risk breakdown process would proceed as the project managers would initiate to trace other specific risks falls under each sub- category.

Following the recognition ad classifications of all the risks likely to occur, it is necessary to prioritize them so that resources can be allocated properly towards risk mitigation. A scoring method is suggested by PMI that is based on impact (I) and probability (P).


The process is illustrated in four stages:

On your computer, open Microsoft Excel. SmartArt Graphics present in MS Excel is the most basic method to form the stages of work breakdown structure. The usage of SmartArt is shown below.

By clicking on the Insert tab, find the Illustrations section. Following that chose SmartArt Graphics. A dialogue box will emerge that consists of various categories of SmartArt and any suitable shape regarding your project can be picked.

Following that go to the Hierarchy section and choose SmartArt Graphics to build your WBS in Excel. Then click OK after selecting the graphics. The SmartArt graphics will rebuild on the sheet. As shown below. 

In the first top box of the WBS SmartArt Graphic, enter the title of your project. An editor will be present beside the SmartArt Graphic and you can enter the desired content in the WBS Excel.

After that go to the boxes below and enter the description of the sub-tasks. New boxes can be included in your work breakdown structure with the help of the editor window. You can also add a different color to the boxes.

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