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Task Breakdown Structure Template Excel

Looking for Task management system for project management of multiple projects? Here you can download task breakdown structure template in excel format.

Download: WBS Project Management Template

What is the Task Breakdown Structure Template?

Breaking the whole project into small manageable tasks is called work breakdown structure. This is an important pillar of a project and can turn the project plan into an approachable situation. Just like work in progress template, this template work exactly.

It collectively involves the main things of the project like; scope, budget and timeline of the project. Work break structure is made strictly in accordance with the timeline and the cost of the project.

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  2. Multiple designs and format options in this template
  3. Multiple formats of WBS are available in PDF, WORD and PPT version with Google sheet
  4. Custom design for request only

This decomposition of the main goal into smaller tasks will ultimately lead to the main deliverables of the project. Bigger projects require work breakdown structure for smooth execution of the plan. There are a variety of templates available for task breakdown structure. You can easily break down your tasks into levels and stages. Add the description of each task with the names of the task managers, starting and ending dates. Also, you can add extra notes with each task.

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There are different formats of writing task breakdown structure. One such example is attached.

Use Of WBS Template in Project Management

Work breakdown structure can be used for multiple things; the main function remains the same. It helps the planning team to organize activities according to the scope of the project. It is an important tool for the scheduling with monitoring of all activities of the project. The different ways to use work breakdown template in project management is as follows;

This level covers the deliverables, milestones, duration, resources and risks of the project. It is the lowest part of the tree in the WBS.

As soon as the scope and plan is approved then comes the planning and managing of the project’s tasks. It is the middle section of the tree which is about the planning of all the tasks keeping the timeline and budget in view.

This is an important and the primary phase of the tree of WBS. It is how the company is going to apply the resources and manage the tasks. It is an important element of work breakdown structure.

How to make a Task Breakdown Structure?

It is not an individual job to create a task breakdown structure, it requires team effort. Multiple inputs, brainstorming and planning leads to a comprehensive work breakdown structure. The brainstorming phases help to identify the deliverable and sub deliverable of the project. You can follow these steps to efficiently create your own WBS.

Key Benefits of Task Management Template in Excel.

Each project management tool has benefits and makes a difference in the project management. The key benefits of the task breakdown structure and mentioned below;

Examples of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Templates:

Work breakdown structure is further categorise into different types which are mention here;

Risk WBS Template:

Risk management is an integral part of project management. And risk WBS aims to manage the risks effectively. It starts with the identification of the risks that leads to risk assessment and management. Templates are available to reduce your workload.

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Task Breakdown Template

Project breakdown brings the project into small easily achievable small sub tasks. Task breakdown overall improves the efficiency of team.

Product Breakdown Structure Template

Different products require different breakdown structures depending on their complexity. Keep this structure simple and to the point. Here is the product (computer) breakdown.

Breakdown structure for motorbike.

Cost Breakdown Structure Template

Cost breakdown structure is interrelated with the work breakdown structure. The tasks are further broken down into sub-tasks and expense is calculated according to these sub tasks. It helps to get a better insight of the financial matters of the project.

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