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Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Looking for the best project portfolio dashboard template in excel? In this article, I suggest some top templates (Excel) and tracking system software-based. Managing the entire workplace can be complicated; however, it is even more important when any project is ongoing.

  1. Manage multiple projects easily with an advanced portfolio system
  2. Gantt chart and project Milestone Tracking
  3. Project To-Do-List and Heat Map
  4. Resource Management & Multiple Projects task tracking sheet
  5. Generate reports in Excel (XLS) PowerPoint (PPT) and PDF format (Single to Multiple projects)
  6. Customization is available (Templat124)
  7. Time Tracking Template 

To accomplish it on time, using all the available resources available in an enterprise is required and to help out in achieving this objective project portfolio dashboard is an amazing tool.

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Work collaboration and teams better communication are possible through templates prepared for this purpose and software’s available. Prevent project bottom line through advanced planning and fully utilising all the available raw material, machine hours, and labour in the enterprise. Simultaneously projects, at the same time can be challenging, however, now get an excel dashboard and see the difference.

A Project Portfolio Dashboard Template is a pre-designed tool or framework that helps project managers and stakeholders monitor and track the progress and performance of multiple projects within a portfolio. It provides a visual representation of key project metrics and indicators, allowing for quick and easy analysis of project status and health.

The dashboard template typically includes various components such as charts, graphs, tables, and summary sections. These components display information such as project timelines, milestones, task progress, resource allocation, budget status, and risk assessments. The template may also incorporate color-coding or other visual cues to highlight critical information or areas that require attention.

Advance Multiple project Portfolio Tracking Template

Project Portfolio Dashboard is introduced as the product of technological advancement in the field of project management. Business projects require high-class project management tools to organize multiple or single ongoing projects.

Project Portfolio Dashboard works in the best interest of the project managers as it streamlines the project reporting process and manages different aspects of the project with the help of available templates. With the help of a portfolio dashboard, critical information of the project can be handled easily. It also works as a great tool for planning, monitoring, and tracking. The performances are measured on the basis of key performance indicators. Some common yet important templates of the project portfolio dashboard are mentioned below;

Multiple Projects Dashboard

Multiple projects tracking dashboard is a blessing for project managers who can get the status of their ongoing projects in a single window. Tracking becomes easier and efficient. Moreover, the execution of the plan can be done in a better way.

You can use this template by carefully putting in the relevant data about your projects and organizing it accordingly. All the information is easily accessible. For the tracking of multiple projects, you need to enter the task list of each project, the timeline of the respective projects, resources, and milestones.  

Gantt chart Reporting Template:

Gantt charts are the best tool for project analysis as they convey information in graphical form which is easier to read or understand. Visual representation enhances the efficiency of the reporting process. Gantt chart provides an outline of the tasks according to the timeline of the project.

It nearly brings down the chances of overlapping to a minimum. Moreover, the Gantt chart gives the perfect overview of the project. You can make the Gantt chart look better by adding colors according to the task list.

Project Heatmap:

A project heatmap is a precise visual representation of the stakeholder’s related information like the impact and involvement of the stakeholder. The graphical representation can be color-coded where each color has its own meaning or explanation. A project heatmap is create to show the relation between the two variables. Moreover, with the help of the project heatmap, you can learn about the patterns during the project.

 Project Milestone Dashboard:

Milestones are set to keep the team motivate and focus to perform better. Milestones are plan according to the timeline of the project.

Each milestone can have a different duration for completion. The milestone dashboard helps to keep a record of the time spent on each milestone. It is also a great tool to keep you update about the progress of the project. Milestone dashboard keeps the project on the right track of the timeline.

Project To-do List Dashboard:

To-do lists can be created with the help of different software but the dashboard works best for the purpose. Once the data is entered into the software it will give the information about the activities or tasks that are done or yet to be done. The representation is done with the help of charts. Different colors can be used to give it a better appeal.

Project Scheduling Management:

Project scheduling is an extensive project management domain which deals with a listing of tasks, deliverables and arranging milestones of the project according to the timeline of the project. And it can only be done when the project manager has a clear idea of the scope and objectives.

The project schedule can also be called a roadmap of the project which carries all necessary information about a project. The project schedules can be made with the help of different templates available in a variety of software.

Project Task Tracking Dashboard:

A dashboard is a powerful tool in project management that works well for task tracking. You need to put in information regarding the project’s task and description.


Also, add due dates to keep the tracking process up to the mark. Task tracking can help in workload management. Summary of task tracking will give information about the progress of the project.


Types of Portfolio Dashboard Template:

Here are some top software’s added here, and their features, making them perfect for any enterprise. From project initiating to closure, you can manage entire project phases one by one.

  1. Task management through JIRA
  2. Project management through Base camp
  3. Work collaboration through ASANA
  4. Resource management through Trello
  5. Monitoring and planning through Innotas


Predicting and then planning for the specific project ensures its success and solution for the issues, before occurrence. This is top project portfolio dashboard software, keeping you align with company objectives and your project manager is always able to ensure, meeting deadlines of the project. Staff management to construction cost estimator.

Relevant link: Jira


Tracking and monitoring can be challenging in small companies, as a small number of employees are in the company and duties are spread among them.

Official Site: Link

Your project manager is able to check the availability of resources and then allocating them effectively without being manually available there. Keep in touch with the project easily through getting this top-rated software.


Project success is dependent on the productive alignment of all the available resources in the company and through team collaborations. This software is well known for providing a support system through reducing communication gaps in enterprise and ensuring a team is perfectly coordinate for accomplishing a challenging project on time.

Official Site: Link

Large projects of an entirely different nature require proper management and monitoring of all the activities. This is possible through project portfolio dashboard templates. Sales dashboard template and software with reviews from the users are also added here showing the sales percentage achieved and leftover target. Any difficult or unique project can be tackled through a high demonstrating team and efficient planning.

With the availability of technology, more control planning and monitoring are possible and companies are better able to track available resources and utilize them accordingly. These include advanced tracking templates and software’s which is develop by professionals and expert people in the specific field. Any project worth can enhance through proper control and assessing it.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template and Software

Here is some most popular software’s in this regard, which is loved worldwide due to their features:

  1. ITM platform
  2. MS project
  3. Eclipse PPM
  4. Enter PROJ
  5. Cams project
  6. Power steering
  7. Rational plan

ITM platform

If you are looking for a tool, which can improve communication and team collaboration, this software is best. You are now able to properly control any project from anywhere. Keep track of all the latest happenings in your project by getting this software.

Relevant Link:

MS project

Another useful project tracking tool.  Now you are able to prepare a successful strategy and execution of it is possible as well, through increase control over all aspects of the project. Other software features can be checked here as well.

Download: Project Timeline Template Excel

In addition, If you are using any other system, then comment on us and share your experience. We will appreciate your choice and discuss it in this blog.

  1. For PMO and PMP based project portfolio template
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