Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Managing the entire workplace can be complicated; however, it is even more important when any project is ongoing.

To accomplish it on time, using all the available resources available in an enterprise is required and to help out in achieving this objective project portfolio dashboard is amazing tools.

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Work collaboration and teams better communication are possible through templates prepared for this purpose and software’s available. Prevent project bottom line through advanced planning and fully utilizing all the available raw material, machine hours and labor in the enterprise. Simultaneously projects, at the same time can be challenging, however, now get excel dashboard and see the difference.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

Format of Portfolio Dashboard Template:

Here are some top software’s added here, and their features, making them perfect for any enterprise. From project initiating to closure, you can manage entire project phases one by one.

  1. Task management through JIRA
  2. Project management through Base camp
  3. Work collaboration through ASANA
  4. Resource management through Trello
  5. Monitoring and planning through Innotas


Predicting and then planning for the specific project ensures its success and solution for the issues, before occurrence. This is top project portfolio dashboard software, keeping you align with company objectives and your project manager is always able to ensure, meeting deadlines of the project. Staff management to construction cost estimator.

Relevant link: Jira



Tracking and monitoring can be challenging in small companies, as the small number of employees are in the company and duties are spread among them.

Official Site: Link

Your project manager is able to check the availability of resources and then allocating them effectively without being manually available there. Keep in touch with the project easily through getting this top-rated software.



Project success is dependent on the productive alignment of all the available resources in the company and through team collaborations. This software is well known for providing a support system through reducing communication gaps in enterprise and ensuring a team is perfectly coordinated for accomplishing a challenging project on time.

Official Site: Link

Large projects of entirely different nature require proper management and monitoring all the activities of it. This is possible through project portfolio dashboard templates. Sales dashboard template and software with reviews from the users are also added here showing the sales percentage achieved and leftover target. Any difficult or unique project can be tackled through high demonstrating team and efficient planning.

With the availability of technology, more controlled planning and monitoring are possible and companies are better able to track available resources and utilize them accordingly. These include advanced tools, templates and software’s which are developed by professionals and experienced person in the specific field. Any project worth can be enhanced through proper control and assessing it.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template and Software

Here is some most popular software’s in this regard, which is loved worldwide due to their features:

  1. ITM platform
  2. MS project
  3. Eclipse PPM
  4. Enter PROJ
  5. Cams project
  6. Power steering
  7. Rational plan

ITM platform

If you are looking for a tool, which can improve communication and team collaboration, this software is best. You are now able to properly control any project from anywhere. Keep track of all the latest happenings in your project by getting this software.

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MS project

MS is never forgotten, as none can replace this user-friendly and easy tool. Now you are able to prepare a successful strategy and execution of it is possible as well, through increased control over all aspects of the project. Other software features can be checked here as well.

If you are using any other system, then comment on us and share your experience. We will appreciate your choice and discuss in this blog.

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