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Project Management Timeline Template Excel

Looking for project timeline template? You can easily download a timeline with milestone template with feature of Gantt chart for completion and tracking multiple projects. Easily re-schedule you projects through in-depth project tracking and generate reports according to timeline. This is a part of project-life-cycle (project Tracking).

  1. Contraction Timeline Template
  2. Production Timeline Template
  3. MS EXCEL File (1MB)
  4. Easily manage task through timeline template
  5. Complete features like calendar access 2021, 2022 ETC

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What is a project management timeline excel?

A project timeline template is a sequence of events and tasks that are placed according to the time of their execution as the result of which the entire project can be visualized by the project manager on a single sheet. A general project timeline looks like a bar chart made in the horizontal direction and every task is labeled with its name along with its corresponding dates of initiation and termination.

Milestone and Task Project Timeline Excel Template

A detailed overview of the complete project can be represented by a project timeline with special emphasis on its start and due date.

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The dependency of one task on another one can also be shown by using a project management timeline and it is very helpful for project managers.

Project Management Timeline Template Excel

Excel can be used to design a Project Management Timeline Template Excel by creating charts that are like tables containing data so that whenever you edit the data table, the chart would be updated. One very fascinating feature of the project timeline template is that you can color the bars differently due to which various phases or states of the task could be easily identified.

  1. Just like Task breakdown structure template, you can schedule project through timeline

The deletion or insertion of the tasks can be done just by deleting or adding rows in the data table. A project timeline template enables you to organize your tasks, display the task deadlines, show when the task begins or if the tasks are inter-dependent, split the task into steps, and also keep a record of the employees assigned respective tasks.


Below mentioned are a few types of timeline templates:

Project Timeline Gantt chart Template

In project management, the Gantt chart serves as a very useful tool and its principle function is that it gives you information about the overlap of processes. Generally, the tasks are broken down into simpler and manageable fractions along with summary tasks for the project’s main deliverable. By using Excel, this template can be designed very easily with no confusion.

  1. It also enables you to visualize the status of the project at any instant very easily and tells the current extent of the project.
  2. It manages all the processes that are dependent on the accomplishment of others.
  3. Download Excel Gantt Chart Template

By using this, project managers can rapidly speculate about the duration of the project. But such predictions are quite tricky as various tasks are involved in huge projects. A lot of information about the project can be acquired by a single glance by using the Gantt chart.


It is simply a collection of dates if it is not associated with the resources. Equipment, labor, and materials all come in the resources that are needed to fulfill the tasks. A simple timeline devoid of whistles and bells like that of a Gantt chart can be obtained by using a project schedule template. It is mainly created for designing an eye-catching and fascinating overview of a project along with the task description. It can be used in school projects or simple presentations.

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This template is pack of blank schedule worksheets created for weeks or months. It prevents any misunderstanding by portraying a clear picture of the project.

Multiple Project Timeline Templates

Managing more than one project at the same time including time, materials, and tasks is known as multiple project management. Excel templates are a great tool for the scheduling and planning of multiple projects in one spreadsheet effectively.

Communication is very necessary for projects for accurate working so to manage an efficient and authentic information exchange among the whole team, this template is a great choice and also it helps project managers to make right decisions about the execution of tasks occurring simultaneously.

For high performance, a multiple project timeline template is very helpful and you can accomplish your goals faster. Utilization of this template ensures that your time will be saved along with expenses and efforts.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Vs Timeline Template

The dashboard determines and tracks the status of the entire project progress, health indicators, and project expenditure via a variety of key activity indicators.

The dashboard is using  while reporting about the current progress of the project to the project sponsors, owners, business stakeholders, and other related personals.

The project managers usually tend to opt for better techniques and try to introduce innovations in their projects and tasks to handle and observe their projects to achieve the highest productive output possible by investing fewer efforts, expenses, and time.

The most important services provide by the project portfolio dashboard template are: it allows the management of multiple projects and creating milestones. It includes a to-do list and information about the distribution of the tasks within the team along with easy management of timelines. It also involves the risk assessment and comprehensive monitoring of the project. Moreover, it ensures efficient communication.

Timeline templates focus mainly on time management and some other features of the project but are not as comprehensive as the portfolio dashboard. Contact Excel124.Net team of developer for editing and custom download template.


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