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Looking for project management documentation template for new and ongoing project plan? These templates will help you to arrange project in order. We have complete source of project management templates according to PMBOK and latest updates 2022. For any question regarding this bundle you can contact team or directly.

  1. A to Z project documentation bundle (Project Life-Cycle-Template)
  2. Project Portfolio Dashboard template (FREE)
  3. Project Management Slides (+Business Planning Slides)_
  4. From Project Execution Document to Closure stage document tracking

Special type of project like Construction project management document templates and IT, you won’t need any other document expect this.

What is project management document template?

A project management plan is a formal document that outlines the way in which the program is scheduled, executed, controlled, and monitored.  So in this bundle you can download all of these document from A TO Z. For example change management document, business case study, business proposal document, project scope, charter and others.

It can either be a comprehensive document or a summary and may consist of baselines, secondary management plans, or others. This document deals with the approach by which the project team handles the desired project management scope of the project.

  1. The progress of the project is determine against the performance measurement baseline as the work proceeds.
  2. The schedule baseline, scope baseline, and budget baseline are altogether term as performance measurement baseline.

Project Management Document Framework

If the work has deviated from any baseline, the project manager adjusts them to rectify the deviation. Project managers invest enough time to make sure that all the objectives of the project are achieved.

In addition to adequate planning, it is also the responsibility of the project manager to control the project and ensure that the deliverables are prepared in time and according to the plan.

What to include in project management document Templates?

Project documentation contains all the documents associated with any project. The most vital advantage is that it manages the project in the most appropriate manner and create a comparison between the planned processes and the achieved goals as well as share the issues of the project with others.

  • Project Tracking Document

Project tracking document allows you to access, find and handle modifications in the document. It gives complete control over editing and using the document.

The most common way to pick a type of document template is to look for the features that you need for tracking. Document tracker lets you know who opens the document and why. Document tracker gives complete security to the document and increases its productivity by editing it from time to time. Tracking spreadsheet assists in establishing audit trials.

  • Project Execution Document

This is a comprehensive plan document that standardizes the planning and execution procedures of the project of any organization. This document contains portions for project goals and scope, quality and technical specifications, project schedule, resources allocation, and communication plan.

The Project Management Document Templates for such documents can be reused and make sure that the entire team and stakeholders are on the same page with the same pace about the component status and details of the planned execution of your project.

  • Project Closure Document

Project managers strive hard in planning and executing the project but it is very necessary to handle the final ending stage diligently because it is equally critical like every other stage of the project and requires the same level of attention.

  1. Being the final phase of the project, the project closure document has all the details regarding the project and it is finalized and signed when all the deliverables are ready as planned.
  2. Therefore,  it is crucial and requires thorough documentation. With the help of this document, you can avoid committing the same mistakes twice.

The final stage is the approval of the project closure document. There are contracts with the contractors, vendors, or team members, you have to be sure that they are fulfilled properly and they close them. Budget is an important factor at the last stage so it is needed to have the complete details of final costs to ensure that budget limits are met.

Types of Project Management Document Template

Some types of project management templates are discussed below:

Project Status Report Document

It is a kind of project management document that deals with the current status of the project concerning the health and progress of the project. It is a tool for project reporting that can relate essential data to the stakeholders of the project like sponsors, clients, or team members.

The project status report template can be used to align the status reports, deliver any updates regarding the project with enhanced impact and improve coordination with the stakeholders. There is a lot more a status report can do and you can customize it as your needs.

Gantt chart Template

A Gantt timeline can be utilise to create a project plan and then you can track the impact of modifications on a visible timeline. Tasks and projects can be arranged in manageable action items, address at-risk tasks, quickly identify and visualise how your timeline automatically updates as changes are done.

Gantt chart can also be used for tasks with dependencies so you can plan, manage and track all the aspects of your project with an interactive and visual timeline. Enclose related supporting documents to keep details and measure the effects of task delays to recover from mishaps rapidly. It allows you to scrutinize your project in real-time and communicates project status with the stakeholders.

Project Charter Document Template

A project charter document is defined by PMI as a document that contains high­­-level information about the project to ensure common understanding by the stakeholders.

Regarding project milestones, project deliverables, and the duties and responsibilities of the project management team. Every project has the reason for its initiation, which is outlined in the project charter document. You can also add the project plan and the way the team will design the course to fulfil the goals of the project.

A few things discussed in the project charter are objectives, visions, scope, and products of the project. Then you have to mention the responsibilities of all the team members starting from stakeholders to downwards and eventually, you will cover the scope and resources of the project along with stakeholder requirements and more.

Project Handover Document

A handover report is a sort of document that can have a number of functions. It can be used to transfer the responsibilities from one worker to another, maybe permanently or temporarily.

Such documents are quite common in hospitals and health- care stations where staff hand over progress reports of others at the change of shifts.

Project Scope Statement Template

Project scope template is commonly used to define the work that you agreed on to deliver. It highlights the limitations or constraints associated with the project. The project statement is very important to comprehend and get right as it is based on the way you are being paid to perform that work. Stakeholders or users desire to know what they are paying.

Clients need to know the limits of the project, the procedures that will be adopted, employees who will participate, and how the work breakdown structure (WBS) translates into real work and the deliverables. The scope statement will be according to the budget and objectives of the project. Project scope statements can be created in a number of effective ways and mostly are the responsibilities of the project managers or producers.

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