Valid and timely data is required for project management and for deducting product status and this does require help from various sheets including prince 2 product status account template. Increased visibility over your project information is necessary to effective decision making and therefore splitting out your project milestones in a manner that can be efficiently handled by your project team.

This template is used worldwide, as it is prepared in excel tool and it helps you in evaluating product status as well as completely tracking your any specific project.


Prince 2 Product Status Account Template Features

Here are some key highlights of the template which provide you increased visibility over your projects.

It is prepared in excel, excellent tool for beginners and experts.

  1. Specific tasks are required to be accomplished on time, otherwise, they may affect other processes as well, and your excel template provides you all this information.
  2. Tutorial videos and user guide is available for excel users, therefore wherever, you are, you are able to operate your excel template efficiently.
  3. It reduces down cost for your company, as you are not required to hire any extra person for it.

Keep this template control in one hand, and it may result in better control.

  1. Allow control of this template in your project manager hands, and your projects will be successful.
  2. Only changing’s can be made in the template and the schedule by him.
  3. This template is helpful in getting limits and discussing this along with top management.

Product Status Account Excel

Looking for the template which can provide you all the insight information regarding any specific project, this can be simplified through getting this template.

Now visualize the status of all your company products in single prince 2 product status template excel and take effective decisions based on this data timely.

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