Preliminary Plan Templates Excel

If you are focused on your business or project management objectives, click here for a preliminary plan through downloading Word templates available here. Project cost schedules and work-planning templates are added here for project heads.  Either you are the plan of construction project or real estate business, you must need some need of sample plan from start to final phase.

The project is composed of multiple stages initiating from the planning and working on until the execution stage. Prevent reaching the deadline of the project by downloading preliminary templates. In order to plan procurement strategy template, you must need a preliminary plan.

  1. Help in creating project start (1st phase of project life-cycle)
  2. Editable and ready to printable templates of the start-up project phase
  3. Complete bundle template of project planning (EXCEL, WORD, PPT)

It is important to identify project objectives and goals before start working on them and giving the targets to the skilled persons in the project team. As a project manager, if you are able to slice down the goals into measurable tasks, you can easily schedule them in the available time, considering what the expectation of your clients is.

Preliminary Plan Templates Excel

Preliminary Plan Template

Description: show the project description in the template. T includes the project name, project number, and project managers.

  1. Objectives: add the goals of the project to the sheet. Add the major objectives and then dividing them into smaller tasks if required.
  2. Planning: usually a planning process comes before work, and if you’re planning is effective you are able to achieve what you are looking for.

Milestones: checking whether the project cost and time schedule are going on as planned, you are required to add the milestones in the template.

  1. Proposals
  2. Annual reports
  3. Crafting and business templates
  4. Creative sheets
  5. Main activities and goals of a project
  6. Quality management
  7. BCG Matrix
  8. Communication management
  9. Project Scope Management Plan

Sample Business Plan Sheets

If you are looking forward to fulfilling the expectations of your clients you are required to be quality conscious, as it ensures getting the project again from the same client. Project planning sheets are also helping you improving communication gaps between the senior management and workforce increasing their morale for the work. Click here to obtain free preliminary business plan template word sheets here.

Project Evaluation

Expanding the business is possible if a person has the necessary resources required to expand it as well as if he is completely aware of the current position of the business. repeatable processes and operations help in accomplishing more projects later which are usually of the same type or having the same objective however this requires project to be of the same type.


Making the evaluation of current stage of the project helps in management and organization tasks. Preliminary Plan Templates Excel, therefore to ensure effective observing of the project is build up in Microsoft Excel.

For the employee evaluation template check out this post and design the template accordingly. The growth and development of the company can be enhanced by observing customer relationships with the company and can be improved by making the communication process better. Enjoying the good, results of the team makes it certain that they can achieve the target within the given time limit due to understanding and devotion in the team towards work and each other.

Format of Project Management Evaluation

Having a sheet, which ensures the customer come back to the business place, again is effective in achieving the targets and attracting new customers. If a project is initiated quickly, it means it will complete before the time, therefore, having a template, which can be used, for other projects can be created in the following format using Microsoft Excel:

  1. A table is created by selecting the limited number of columns however having the title “project management evaluation template”.
  2. The column holding the heading current task status/ priority must contain information of processes like closed, work in progress, behind, not started, and total.
  3. Priority is set in the other columns by mentioning headings high, medium, low and total.
  4. % of the total is also added.
  5. A later on the table shows the issues under the heading of “issue description”.
  6. It can be application design, application development, application testing, deploy and environment design.

Better Predicting and Observing

Department facing the specific issue can be viewed and the actual status of the job. Project managers often predict time limits for project completion by observing the current stage of the project. Once it can be observed which tasks are completed and which are not yet started making effective predictions is possible which may be asked from some member of the senior management.

The owner of the company cannot individually check each and every project, therefore, he asks the project manager about the project under his responsibility. This plan is also used in staff management process.  For more samples on Project Management Evaluation Template Excel, make sure you are searching for the right thing. Contact the team for more detail on it.

Project Dashboard Report

Risk management is a fundamental component required for maintaining proper control during a time in a company when numerous projects are worked upon at the same time. Project managers are required to track the performance of the team and to analyze operations that are accomplished and which are late.

IT Issue Dashboard Template

Dashboards are composed showing several key indicators of the project at a single platform. Preliminary Plan Templates Excel, therefore chosen to prepare reports effectively for the users requiring the reports.

Limited time is available for the specific project, therefore, time limits are set by people supervising the project to see the current position of the specific task as well as the percentage of its completion. Team morale and confidence can be boosted up once they are on the track.

Format of Project Dashboard

Setting achievable milestones for project teams is a useful idea for implementing control procedures and increasing the capability of the project team.

  1. Bar chart is used to show the relation between production and time.
  2. Creating a dashboard from scratch is possible by using excel dashboard.
  3. Pie chart is used to show the percentage of project completed as well as percentage completion of specific tasks.
  4. Product range analysis is easy by composing a scatter diagram.
  5. List column is formulated to show the tasks given to the team.

Excel Risk Template Dashboard

Risks and issues are common in business however once they are observed before occurrence their solution can be outlined saving the excessive cost of the company that can be incurred once precious and limited resources are wasted out. Issues priorities can be set as high, medium, and low.

Project Status Dashboard

It is important to observe the project status any time by the project manager to make the alternations in the schedule and plans prepared by him. Tasks that are on track and which are of track can be observed. Tasks that are on track with minor issues can also be viewed.

For more information and download sample of Preliminary Plan Templates Excel, Contact Excel124.Net

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