Looking for GAP analysis template excel for assessing business performance or find the GAP? Here we are going to upload different types of GAP Template relates to security, IT structure reform, Marketing analysis, and other HR performance management. You can also download the sheet in the Spreadsheet.

  1. Find the Main issue or Bugs in the em and filling GAP
  2. Where the em needs more improvement relates to team, Tool, and others
  3. Template Uses to find the Lack of resources
  4. Some Excel base template also have Dashboard monitoring (VBA)
  5. Define items presents the difference of the end phase
  6. Use in IT assessment

It’s strategical tools of project management, project managers are using this tool to improve the quality of particular projects. Just like the earned value management template, this is the most important template for identifying different variance.

What is the Gap Analysis Template?

A gap analysis is a procedure opted by organizations and institutions that compares a part of old figures to new ones. This procedure not only helps in identifying the variations that happened while switching to something new but also gives new ideas, pathways, strategies, and room for improvement. Using templates of excel helping project manager regarding better performance during each stage of project-life-cycle.

A gap analysis helps to assess the difference between two reference points to determine whether the firm is meeting its goal requirements successfully or not.

Moreover, there is no strict method to write a Gap Analysis. Which means, different organizations and individuals may opt for different techniques while considering their requirements for the analysis.

Types of GAP Analysis Templates

However, following are some key characteristics of a gap analysis which will hopefully clear its standing in business terms:

Operational or GAP Strategic Template:

A gap analysis may be an operational one or on strategic bases. This means, it may either be for day-to-day tasks to determine the room for improvement or it may be to influence a company’s overall strategy.

Either way, it does what I earlier explained but on a micro as well as macro level.


GAP Assessment Template

You either require document tracker or Complete GAP analysis tool for assessment of any project life cycle. In different project management documentation, issue tracking or documentation is very important.


Gap Analysis Report Template

Some template helps you to generate a port of whatever outcomes at the end or during the recurring project life-cycle.  In many templates reporting option isn’t available, due to VBA and Advance Excel dashboard.


Action GAP Plan Template

Some call GAP analysis Action Plan, this template is almost the and create according to GAP analysis. Format of this template could alter or customize according to the project.


Root Cause Analysis Template Excel

Some issue tracking template works accordingly. Check our previous sample of root cause analysis for assessment and documentation planning.

Gap Analysis Examples:

Let’s check out some different templates for example regarding departments.

Employee Assessment:

An employee-manager may apply a gap analysis on each employee working under him/her. And later determine the difference in their performances, who is performing better and differentiate the characteristics of excellent, good and average employees.

The manager can later use that information to develop a practice program for employees encouraging them to adopt the ls of an excellent employee.

Conceptual Model or Evidence-Based Matrix Template:

The comparison instigates on the basis of a current state and a destination model. The destination model can either be a conceptual model based on some assumptions which take the business closer to the.

The other is an evidence-based model that normally has bases on true facts from previous business deals. The key point here is to remember that our aim is to get closer to the goal using a p analysis.

How to use Gap Analysis Templates?

The standard and most frequently opted way to use gap analysis is through MS Excel. You can design a sheet on excel according to your requirements or you may use one of the already existing templates.

A Template on gap analysis maybe a bunch of labeled columns and rows which may or may not have the current state of the system and the target state.

The businesses may fill these templates with facts and figures to determine if they’re meeting with their goal requirements. An attendance sheet in a school consisting of columns like Current Absents, Total Allowed absents, and Students Name may also be a Gap Analysis Template.

It is a gap analysis because it determines the total allowed absents for a student (Target state) and his/her current absents (Current State).

Following is a step by step strategic gap analysis for a project that overlooks all the departments revolving around that project:

  1. Assigning a column to every independent entity involved in the project to achieve some goal.
  2. Listing down the various departments revolving around the project under Categories Column.
  3. Making sure the independent entities have the current state and target state sections.
  4. If possible, also assign the action taken by each department to get closer to the goal state.
  5. Mentioning the name of the department leader (Optional Entity)
  6. A date/time column entity to keep the record.
  7. You may add any other column as per your project’s requirements.

Strategic Gap Analysis for Software Development

This Matric or chart represents the template theme design pattern. You can add more columns and rows more tracking.

CategoryCurrent StateTarget StateAction TakenPriorityLeader NameDate/Time
Quality ContextObtaining RequirementsStart DevelopingRequirements

Obtained and Assured

1Quality Assurance Manager7-7-2019

12:13 PM

Data processing
Tools and Techniques
Team Training

To sum up, the above is a step by step procedure to develop a gap analysis template. You may start a new project in Excel with a blank sheet and develop yours with desired requirements.

Note: It is highly suggested that you do not consider the above template designing as any limitation to your creativity and requirements. The above example is only an idea to explain the concept of gap analysis template excel and it does not have any bounding limitation to it except to compare the current state and goal states.


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