Your business success is entirely dependent on the customers. Returned and satisfied customers are the most important factor for any business stability and growth. In this article, we displaying some database template, pick and use it for small business.

Download customer record database excel template to keep the customers’ data organize and always available to you!

Usually, database template prepares in VBA, Macros and Advance excel. Especially Customer record, in excel you just download simple formula base template.

Return clients can be a reason for your business expansion so for what reason not bend over backward to get more clients back to your business?

Dealing with a client database enables you to have a record of client choice and other major elements which can facilitate sales in the future.

  1. Calendar 2019 to 2020 schedule data record
  2. Create Multiple Rows and Column
  3. VLOOKUP Formula insert in Every column
  4. Generate Record in One click of Particular Month
  5. Easy Entry of new Customer and view in Dashboard
  6. For View Record Go to Main Database Panel
  7. Required Excel 2007 or advance version for error free

For instance, this excel customer database enables you to have an edge when associating with them once more.

CRM Template Excel

Furthermore, it can enable you to expand deals by streamlining correspondences and tracking your potential and current clients. You are able to manage multiple channels for your business well with this single spreadsheet and help out your sales team as well.

Excel CRM Template (Customer Contact List)

In the event that you bother the costs while looking for a professional spreadsheet, discover the design of the template available here with a free download link. Let’s check it out now:

CRM template for any type of business

General information

Start off by entering the general information on the top of the spreadsheet.

Enter your company name on the top. Add the company logo and do add the data when you are preparing it as well.

Creating Client Database Excel

For custom template design you must follow these steps, Download template and edit header to the column for own trademark.

Client Database Excel

Step 1

Name- enter the customer name in the heading of the name. enter the name in the cell A11 and enter it till cell A18. You are free to enter the new rows above the grey line as well.

Step 2

Company- once you have entered all the companies’ names in the settings section of the template, you can simply scroll down the arrow and choose the company name from the choice. Otherwise, enter the initiative to get the choice.

Step 3

Work function- enter the work function from the cell C4 and go beyond. The choices may include, business Dev, owner, sales manager or bank.

Step 4

Phone number- to facilitate the communication process, you need to enter the phone number in the cell D4 and go beyond according to your requirements. You may add a list of numbers In the settings section and then choose a one from the scroll down choices.

Step 5

Email- for complete customer records enter the email in the column D. you may have a choice. Check out and click on the scroll down menu.

Step 6

Estimated sale- the customer database is effective to show the amount and value of sale from the selected customer. Enter the initiatives in column E and select the amount from choices.

Step 7

Last contact- to give complete customer idea, it is the smart way to add the last contact date. Enter it in column F down the heading of the last contact.

Lead status- to provide ease of calling to agents in the call center, lead status is important. The choices may include, active, cold or warm!

Step 8

Lead source- now enter the lead source in the cell G4. The choices may include, email, referral or website.

For more Customer Record Database Excel Template, you need to request us with particular layout and design. We quickly response your request and Email your particular template as soon as possible.

Customer Follow Up Sheet Excel

This sheet of excel been using in different business especially call center business. Simply insert data and mark various customer in Follow up. One to two week after you can recall these customers and give feedback.

Create Client Database Template

Different companies create software for follow up client tracking, this CRM software expensive or base on monthly subscription only. On the other hand, these excel template is free to use, just a one-time fee for customization.

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