Having Issue with Daily Sales Call Log Tracking?

Let me help you to maintain Call Log Using “Microsoft Template”

Sales Call Log sheet is used for finalizing contracts with clients and for documenting the details of a business deal. Normally Excel format template has been used by the company’s projects for documentation and contact form submissions.

It is being extensively used in sales, marketing, and commercial dealings. One can also call it a contact form as it serves as a legal contract between the seller and buyer.

Quick Facts:

  1. Maintain and track Daily Call Log (Call center Special)
  2. Track through call center dashboard
  3. Maintain Sales record and maintain employee salary or invoice accordingly
  4. Easily ass new member, and track the sales record
  5. Best template for E-commerce store also
  6. Ask for Custom Design Template (Excel124.Net)


Sales Call Tracking Template (Excel)

Log template is also required for completion of this. The format of a contract form follows simple features and aspects that are included in it so as to enhance its authenticity in contract dealings. Here are some characteristics that a “Sales Call Log” or a Contract Form has:

  • The top of the sheet contains the first line entailing the category of contract.
  • The second line entails the name of the company or firm that is finalizing the contractor generating the sales. Its address with “Zip code” is also mentioned. It is written in the mid-top of the paper.
  • Next line contains the name of the buyer or the person who is receiving the contract. This name is written in left-alignment. Address of that person with (City and zip code) is also mentioned.
  •  Next section of the contract form entails a precise description of the contract of sales taking place between the buyer and the seller.
  • After the description, the cost of the projector of the price of the product that is being sold to the buyer is mentioned.
  • A sentence of confirmation of the sales/contract is written and a line is left blank for signatures of the client or buyer.
  • Date of signatures of the buyer or client is also necessary to be mentioned at the end of the contact form.

Sales Call Log Format

Although you can create own template after just adding multiple and Addition formulas. Some call center creates templates routine basis for the new member, so this printable blank sheet can help you and save time. Here are some important factors in template remember before editing sales call log sheet, either you creating this in MS Excel or other MS format make sure about some items like;

  1. Date
  2. Order No
  3. Product
  4. QTY
  5. Total Sales
  6. Fees

So this printable template you can get from many online blog like provides the complete solution of this. For any more assistance do not forget to contact with team. Make sure you mentioned details about the particular template in “COMMENTS SECTION”

Call Log Spreadsheet Excel

Check sample in “Excel Spreadsheet” online also. We also create templates for Google DOCS, so you can easily share a document with other members or even CEO of the company.


Sales Activity Tracking

Check how you can track sales on a daily basis? The different industry needs this type of template, like

  1. Call Center
  2. Stock (Service Center)

Manage Custom Sales Call Log

This Excel template can also be used in group projects and each group member can track the status of his own tasks individually as well as can track the status of different tasks collaboratively too. You can customize it as per the nature of your project and according to the number of tasks or phases in your project.

Hence, this template can be easily used for any kind of group projects. Interestingly, it has been made compatible with most of the operating systems and tech environments.

  1. Customized your tasks
  2. Provide project related Efficiency
  3. Handle Every Software online

This is an example of an Excel call log and it allows the project managers to insert any kind of codes or symbols for tracking their project.

It works excellently to track all the information which you want regarding your project. You can make changes in it and can customize it according to your project.

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