Dental Prescription PAD Format

Download Dental Prescription Pad for the dentist and EYE specialist doctors using for both Clinic and hospital, private and commercial usage as an invoice tracking tool. Almost all types of doctors are using this type of prescription PAD. This PAD can use other medical staff like hospitals for generating customer invoices or small clinics.

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For keeping a record you must some special type of format with TAX return addition in it. Get in MS word and PDF printable format.

Dental Prescription PAD Format

Checklist of Dental Prescription Pad

These checklist items must be entitled here with detail description, some of the few essential points could be modified regarding different modes of operations in hospitals.

Header format

  1. Dental Clinic Name Address, PH NO
  2. Right Side of Header (Web Site address, Doctor Name)

Body Section


Prescription any Medicine with Description

So after editing it your document ready to print, you can not only use this template for dentist purpose but also in other hospital bills, medicine shops, and small clinics.

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