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Daily Driver Log Template Excel Sheet

Log books are prepared by different professional people to ensure good career growth and to act as a record-keeping document. In this post, you can download “Driver LOG” Just like DOT LOG BOOK TEMPLATE.  Log books are prepared for various purposes. Pilots and ship captions to record time travelled by them, therefore, showing their expertise in a specific field usually prepare it.

  1. MS Excel-Base Format
  2. WORD and PDF Format available only for request

However, drivers driving cars, vans, buses, and trains also prepared log books. It is therefore prepared in Microsoft excel template using multiple columns for the purpose. We updated Daily Driver Log Template 2021, so you can download according to your choice.

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A Daily Driver Log Template in Excel is a spreadsheet that helps individuals or organizations track and record their daily driving activities. It serves as a tool to maintain a detailed log of information related to vehicle usage, such as date, time, starting and ending odometer readings, destinations, purpose of travel, and any additional notes.

The template typically consists of columns and rows where users can input relevant data for each trip or driving event. The spreadsheet may also include formulas or built-in calculations to automatically calculate total mileage, fuel consumption, or other relevant metrics.

Using a Daily Driver Log Template can be beneficial for various purposes, including personal mileage tracking, expense reimbursement, tax reporting, fleet management, or compliance with regulations that require accurate records of driving activities.

By utilizing an Excel sheet for this purpose, users can conveniently organize and analyze their driving data, generate reports, and easily search and filter information as needed.

The driver of Car must-knows about the repair log of the car on a daily basis. Struggling over the fact when preparing templates for various purposes is required in organizations, as some documents require more expertise and concentration to prepare them. However, these documents are typically required to save time and boost up production in the business.

Format of Driver Log Template Excel

The influence of technology has made tracking easy by templates prepared for different charts and purposes. There are many routine base user works regularly according to their different professional.

Company name, logo and address on the top of the sheet are required.

  1. Terminal 1 and terminal 2 addresses are also mention.
  2. The proper date is mention in the form of the date, month and year,
  3. A table consisting of detail information about the driver and his travelling distance is maintain.
  4. Driver name, signature, truck no. , trailer no. is filled.
  5. Travelling information like ending odometer, starting odometer, less km driven for personal use and total km driven is fill.

Purpose of Driver Log Template

The duty status grid can be identify from this template. Driver’s status whether they are on duty, sleeper birth and on duty but not driving can be observe. Some printable log format of different company and work is also available here.

This shows the accurate time which driver spent in driving, therefore, contributing towards his career growth. Fuel consumption on the route can be observe. The experience of the driver can be observe from this sheet.

How driver Manage Vehicle expense in Logbook?

Claiming your business expenses is now easier with travel log book. Various templates are add here which can be just download for a single click. Logbook for industrial training has also been add here which ensures various benefits to employees and supervisors.

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Travel log book template is, therefore, a way to record details of the expenses of business utilise on business expenses and personal expenses. Check out the general expense budget logbook template here Excel124.

If you are utilising log book in the companies and industries you are able to check the real quality of the product and checking the standard of the output product is easy. Specific details regarding any stage of the product observe and if the output is not satisfying making alternations is possible.

Travel Expense Format

Although the format of the template is dependent on the type of product, still logbook format is quite similar for all. It can be as:

  1. The file must be compatible to open in all versions of Microsoft Excel.
  2. Add the caption as “auto expense travel report”.
  3. Date and month on the sheet must be present properly so that it can be used later.
  4. Add employee name, location, address, city and phone number on the top of the sheet.
  5. The columns must be fill with date, travel from, travel to and odometer reading in the start and end must be there.
  6. Show the total mileage travel, the rate per mile and an amount due in the last column of your travel logbook template.

This template is basically utilise in construction industries and the sheet must hold the independent contractor name and the date when it is prepare. Other information mentioned in the sheet is date of expense, receipt attached and business purpose. This column must be given enough space to add a list of expenses as well.

Truck Driver Log Book (DOT)

Truck drivers usually use DOT log Sheet in excel for tracking record daily to monthly.

Before downloading this Daily Driver Log Template you must review driver log template from here. Download travel expense log book template in excel format, calculate the budget and expense mileage log template.

Q:- Is Driver Log Template available in PDF and WORD Format?

A:- Yes, You can download log template in both (PDF&Word) format. If you want this template for more format then you can request Exel124.Net team

Resources: Standard Design Sheet (GOV Template)

Note: If you want the same design, then comment us with your correct Email, we will send you template over there.

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