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Daily Stock Register Format in Excel

Today’s Topic: Stock Register Format in Excel

First of all, we discuss what a Stock register is and How to USE it? In this article, you will download the stock register for daily stock take records and other inventory management in the warehouse or another regular shop.  Without a stock register, you can’t maintain accurate data of stock, finance and other HR.

I recently upload a different stocktake spreadsheet template, if you want then read that post and download it.

The stock register is not a paper-based document; actually, this is an online template in which you can enter daily stock information about purchasing “Stock Left” “Stock need to purchase” ETC. You can easily identify the inventory turnover ratio through this template. Already hundreds of inventory managers are using Template124 products, which helps you to manage the complete inventory system.

This register or Excel sheet mostly using in customer-linked companies or you can say BTOC.

The Daily Stock Register Format in Excel is a spreadsheet template used to record and track the daily movement of stocks or inventory in a business. It provides a structured format to capture essential information about the stock transactions, including stock inflows (purchases, production, etc.) and stock outflows (sales, consumption, etc.).

Stock Register Format Excel (Features)

According to UNCOUNSEL, the in-stock register contain all valuable information about the Real owner, beneficial owner, Brokerage firm location, and deposited securities against the stock. Just like the production schedule template Excel management, this template can help.

Most managers are using this register for keep an update of stock records daily to weekly basis. Al summarizes the detail of stock, anyone can collect from one source without concerning different departments.

This template is used in a few main departments of product management

  1. Inventory management
  2. Manage Raw Inventory also
  3. Shortage prevention
  4. Product supply maintenance
  5. Goods Maintenance Sheet

This is a tracking tool for project managers related to keeping data on goods on behalf of brokerage or goods suppliers. This sheet could also use in purchase order management and supply chain for tracking and keeping inventory records.

Importance & Purposes of Stock Register

If you aren’t using some expensive inventory management software, then one thing I must say about this stock sheet (Awesome). Helping the manager to compare previous stock data and getting information from suppliers and brokerages.

  1. Stock Register Format in Excel also linked with Google Spreadsheet for online access to other members
  2. Use for avoiding any shortage of stock
  3. Most companies create customize registers for stock management

How to Maintain Stock Register

If you are looking for custom template maintain in EXCEL sheet, then you must understand the basics, checklist and other details during maintain the stock register.

Unit Name: Displays the Unit Name for Which the Daily Stock Register is shown.

Stock Item: Displays the Stock Item – AquaPure – 1Ltr chose to see the Daily Stock Register

Units: Displays the Reporting UOM of the stock thing

Extract Tariff Classification: Displays the Excise Tariff Classification Name and Tariff Code of the Stock Item

Date: Displays the date of creation, deals, sent for encourage the generation and so on.

Record Reference: Displays the reference to generation slip, deals receipt and so forth.

Opening Balance: Opening supply of the Item chose. The esteem will be caught from the Stock Item ace. In Tariff, Wise Daily Stock Register report, opening parity esteem indicated in the bosses of every single Stock Item under the Tariff chose will be caught.

Amount Manufactured: Displays the amount fabricated. Exchanges recorded utilizing Excise Manufacturing Journal (Production side) and Stock Journal for which the choice Use as Manufacturing Journal is empowered, will be caught here.

Add up to Quantity: Displays the aggregate amount (opening parity + amount fabricated) of stock thing.

Issued for Further generation u/n 67/95: Displays the amount of stock thing issued for advance creation under notice number 67/95. Exchanges which have been recorded utilizing Excise Manufacturing Journal (Consumption side) and Excise Sales exchanges recorded with Nature of Removal is set to Captive Consumption, will be caught here.

Issued for Repacking: Displays the Quantity of Item which is issued for repacking.

Issues for Home Clearance: This field shows the amount issued for local deals. The estimations of exchanges recorded with the Nature of Removal set to Domestic, Special Rate, or Removal As Such, this must be included in Stock Register.

Issued for Export/SEZ under Bond: This field shows the amount of Item which is issued for trade deals under Bond. The qualities are caught from exchanges that have been recorded with the Nature of Removal set to Export and SEZ/Bond.

Issued for Export/SEZ under LUT: This field shows the amount of Item which is issued for send out deals under LUT. The qualities are caught from exchanges that have been recorded with the Nature of Removal set to Export/LUT and SEZ/LUT.

Issued for Export/SEZ under Rebate: This field shows the amount of Item which is issued for trade deals under Rebate. The qualities are caught from exchanges that have been recorded with the Nature of Removal set to SEZ/Rebate.

Issued for Exempt (To 100% EOU or Others): This field shows the amount of Item which is issued for Exempt deals. The qualities are caught from exchanges that have been recorded with the Nature of Removal set to exempt.

To Other industrial facilities or Warehouses under Bond: This field shows the amount of things issues for deals to a Warehouse with CT2 shape issues by the distribution center.

Assessable esteem: This field shows the assessable incentive on which the obligation is figured

Extract Duty: This field shows the Excise obligation sum

Instruction Cess: Displays the Education Cess sum

Optional Education Cess: Displays the Secondary Education Cess sum

Parity Quantity: This field shows the Balance Quantity of stock Item. This adjust showed will consider the real amount indicated in each receipt for the chose Stock Item/Items.

Extract Notification: Displays the Excise Notification Number entered in the event of Exempt, Export exchanges or any notice issued by the Central Board of Excise and Customs.


All things considered, this Stock Register Format in Excel helps you to manage your inventory wisely and with full control. For more information and get a variety of templates, you can contact EXCEl124.NET team and use in your company.

In mostly store U.K and U.S.A you require this sheet for daily stock update. Raw material management is not an issue, if you have this template. Product supply management and product adding – manage easily through inventory supply system.

By maintaining a Daily Stock Register in Excel, businesses can monitor stock levels, track stock movement, identify trends, and ensure efficient inventory management. Additionally, it can help with financial reporting, analyzing stock turnover, and identifying discrepancies or issues in stock management.



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