Do you want to manage your applicant tracking regularly?

Since you’re here, you probably know what a recruitment tracker is. The term is obvious, you kind of figure out what it means when you look at the word. However, you may have questions about its working procedure, the how’s and whys. Different HR managers are using different kinds of EXCEL-BASED templates for candidates hiring process.  Other than software, Excel is more easy to use, and reliable tool for the recruitment process.

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As long as we’re clear on the fact that a recruitment tracker Excel does help in recruiting candidates in a professional setting we’re good to go.

A recruitment tracker can be as informal as a piece of paper and as formal as a Business Intelligent software. The job here is to develop a recruiting process that favors the business, maintains the integrity of the business and chooses out the best candidates. At the very least, that is the goal.


Candidates come from multiple backgrounds, some are up to the mark, while some are not. And let’s be real, scams exist as well.

  1. Conduct Thousands of Interviews and manage candidates according to different categories
  2. Customize according to your recruitment agency
  3. Add new Department and Track recruitment accordingly
  4. EXCEL & macros based template
  5. Template is open in MAC & other similar devices
  6. Market Best Tracking system compared to software

Recruitment Tracker Excel

Each business has its requirements and filtering needs to select the best out of each lot every year. Growing and successful businesses tend to grab the best chickens out there at their earliest. Apart from that, some corporate law firms may have a very high filtering process such as all graduates must be from Harvard.

Interactive Dashboard for HR

This Excel-Based Template includes interactive dashboard for HR manager. Just one click you can overlook all previous details and work progress. Sources and candidates decline reasons and hiring, you can see the result through the dashboard.

Why Use Recruitment Tracker for Multiple Business?

Whereas some firms don’t care about the institution at all and focus only on the technical expertise of their candidates. While some organizations may want the best academic grades the others only look for the best moral offering.

Either way, the following are some important points regarding the need for better recruitment in selecting candidates preferably through a Recruitment Tracker:

  1. Enables a firm to develop a fine and unique filtering process while enabling the business to make a variation when required.
  2. The firms with low hiring rates and higher recruiting filtration send out a message which is loud and clear. You attract more candidates to apply in the organization.
  3. A digital recruitment tracker eases business, attracts better and provides high efficiency.
  4. The whole process links employees with employers.
  5. Increases the pool of candidates for the job at minimum cost.
  6. Helps to determine the present and future requirements of the organization with proper training.
  7. Provides mobility, promotes HR efficiency and helps to keep track of your past employees and future potential employees.


Types of Recruitment Trackers: (Reviews Market Best)

The most famous and majorly used Recruitment Trackers are excel based. The reason being, they’re easily available, easier to design and provide variation.

Each HR team can design their own recruitment trackers according to the needs of the organization. To give you a direction, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube tutorials to go about making your own recruitment tracker. Creating a recruitment tracker in excel isn’t a problem, defining what variables go into your recruiting process is the real deal.

Following are two types of recruitment trackers:

  1. Excel-based
  2. In-House software-based

In-House Recruitment Software Based:

You may know the In-house software as a business intelligence software. An in-house software for recruitment tracker can either be a self-developed software or a one already existing in the market.

Following are some of the famous recruitment tracker software already available in the market:

  • Zoho Recruitment Tracker: The software offers differentiated functions that complement the recruiting process. Also, it provides the ability to deal with group hiring.
  • Smartsheet: A recruitment tracker that keeps all the data on a singular sheet. Provides the ability to generate, print and export reports. It has a puzzling calendar sheet.
  • Jobvite: Jobvite is the first recruitment software that appears in google searches. Doesn’t need a genius to realize what that means.
  • Freshteam: Freshteam is famous for small businesses that have to deal with less number of employees.
  • Template124: Also a recruitment tracking software that focuses on small businesses with less than 100 employees. Apart from that, it’s free to use.

In summary, a recruitment tracker is an essential tool that every business uses one way or the other. Some businesses may go with the informal way to choose out their best candidates, the others may induce great focus on the recruiting process.

When you’re bringing someone to work for you it’s an obvious reflex to know if they’re up to the mark. Recruitment tracker makes that process easier, flexible, and mobile consequently helps to grow the business.


Excel-Based Recruitment Tracker

Here are some features of Excel-Based templates mentioning below.  Different sheet, you have to manage for display overall interview result on one sheet (Dashboard). Mostly recruiting agencies is using this template by

HR Dashboard

Interactive dashboard based-excel sheet display all result including (Hiring, Rejecting, Source of Applications, and Monthly to weekly Metrix ETC).

Recruitment Funnel

It’s a communication system between two departments so that they can communicate about any selection or candidates for a particular job.

It’s the most important part of recruitment tracker excel.

Monthly Candidates Metrics

Visuals of candidates hiring process through different matrix for easy understanding. Different Metrix designs are also available in this section.

Pipeline Efficiency of Hiring

Different pipeline showing different outcomes of the interview, like Phone Screen, Live Interview and other ways.

Application Sources

Display many sources from each employee follow for this interview, social media, Print media ADS, SEO display in Bar chart or Percentage.

You can also adjust setting instead of a representation of sources in BAR charts or any other numeric order.

Job Report Sheet of HR Tracker

This is a manual sheet or you can call “DATA Sheet” for the recruitment process.

ASK EXCEL124 for Recruitment Tracker “CUSTOMIZATION”

This is partner site of Template124, so if you want a customizable template of recruitment tracker excel, then request Excel124.


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