Applicant (Recruitment) Tracking Excel Template

Do you want to manage your applicant tracking regularly? Since you’re here, you probably know what a recruitment tracker is. The term is obvious, you kind of figure out what it means when you look at the word. However, you may have questions about its working procedure, the how’s and whys. Different HR managers are […]

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PTO Tracker Excel

Annual Employee Leave (PTO Tracker) Excel format

Are you want to manage employee leaves record or accrual (holiday) plan. It’s very important to manage or track all employee records basis on their activities. In other words, you can call the employee leave tracker template. In this article, you can download PTO TRACKER Excel Template Free or Premium version. Some peoples search this […]

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Staff Shift Schedule (Roster) Template in Excel

In this article, we are discussing Duty roster templates designs and format in different organizations like Nursing, Hospitals, Restaurants, IT companies ETC. Those companies, who must perform their task 24-7, must develop some plan for working continuously.  We have different Staff Roster Template Excel available to download. These helping tools easily customize your plan. These […]

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Letter Requesting Overtime Pay

Sample Letter Requesting Overtime Pay

Sample of letters, which are usually required by employees, can be found online to help them, however, salaries are overtime pay requested by employees in advance if they require it for a specific purpose. Industries handling production of multiple products due to particular projects or due to more demand for the product in the market usually overtime is […]

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Employee Information Form Template

Sample Employee Information Form Template

This article entails information about the forms in which the information about employees is recorded. Most of the organizations keep this form in MS Excel format while some organizations also keep it in MS Word or an online database management systems. Nonetheless, it is very convenient to keep the record safe in Excel sheet. It […]

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