Now every team leader in your call center has access to the relevant call center performance data with help of dashboard template available here. The fact that either you need an efficient way of reporting or you need to analyze key performance indicators (KPI) get help from this sheet.

In all honesty; managers are usually decision-makers & they ace failure if they don’t have access to the precise data. Especially, if you need to tailor the customer behavior for business profitability (survey or questionnaire**), various KPI’s must be considered. Now enjoy clear communication among your agents!

Regardless of this, you can have a clear review of the “weekly performance”, “monthly performance” or “daily” with this excel spreadsheet. You can now reduce rates for the selected service (service A), with the availability of relevant sales (Overview Sales Dashboard).


Call Center Scorecard Template Excel

Clear, consistent & high-quality display of the business data can lead to better decisions & improve business profitability. Track your company’s key performance metrics in a dashboard & enjoy reduced costs as well. Here are some reasons, you need to consider:

  1. Specifically, it is ideal for small & big call centers**. It tracks your organization’s key execution measurements in this one!
  2. For instance, it shows information in both table and diagram positions. (Ideal for reporting or analyzing).
  3. As a matter of fact, business supporting decisions can have made with help of data in tables and graph form.
  4. This KPI dashboard illustration offers a basic, eye-getting design for simple sharing and translating.

Dashboard & Reporting Samples

  • Moreover, this spreadsheet organizes and presents information that can easily be consumed by the relevant audience.
  • Call center HR person can see the present quality of their business & sales% in the specific region. (A successful process of marketing).
  • To tell the truth, leaders can compare financial data with information from previous years. Digital marketing template saves down your lot of $$$$.
  • In addition to this, dashboards, improve the efficiency of newly-made decisions and help you consider previous ones as well.

As an illustration, excel worksheets, “enhance decision making and policy implementation.” Any conflicting part is spotlighted!

Do you know? Getting a quick, visual picture of financial data & definitely sales is one of the main proof getting this one! On the other hand, lead generation is the main factor for creating social media campaign. However, if you are lack of social media platforms you may miss out one!

In other words, you need to set down the targets for your call center and this requires highly- efficient and precise data from, “facebook”, “Instagram”, “LinkedIn” & of course twitter”.

Organize Big Data with Call Center Dashboard

Above all, utilize this call center dashboard layout to track execution by a sales representative, item, locale, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Get ahead for more**.

Besides this, handling big data or increasing productivity requires to organize data. You can now analyze all the details in “tables”, “graph” or “pie chart”, with this ready-to-use worksheet.

In all honesty, activating sales & stimulating profit is possible through “outlining negative trends” and “reducing them”. (This excel sheet have 2 columns for showing +ve & -ve trends!

Regardless of this, having this data at your fingertips saves down a lot of money & and even ensure your success.

Call Center KPI dashboard

In spite of this, it helps you to enforce single sourcing of data and publish it to multiple channels; you can use it as for social media purpose as well.

At any rate, Regardless of whether you’re working autonomously or with a business group, utilizing a dashboard can give you a reasonable photo of your best lead sources, change rates, and that you are so near achieving your objectives.


In today’s management, there’s no place left for accidents or luck. With the availability of call center dashboards, you can remain ahead of other call centers in the market.

Are you aware of your competitor’s strategies? Everything has to perfectly plan and – especially – work out perfectly thought-out. Ensure this with this excel KPI.

Due to the fact that quick glance of all the data is vital these days, this template can help you manage the big data, and show it in a professional way, so that you never miss out any major part of it!

  • You can now analyze brand performance for any specific week like, “week 15”, “week 3” or leftover!
  • A beautiful table holding all your agents and their performance calculation with, (time to answer, abandon rate, FCR & KPI’s).
  • In other words, either you need to compare “general birth statistics” or “effect of drugs on childbirth”, now all can be done on a single platform!
  • With colored, stats, like

                      Product     A

                      Produce X

& sales scale with %, you don’t miss out any major part!

  • Increase brand recognition online, on phone and in the local market with this modern and professional-layout template.
  • Sees, you are interested in more? 2nd spreadsheet shows data in multiple tables like, “calculations & consolidations”, detailed data for time to answer and other KPI’s.
  • You are free to integrate your dashboard with 3rd party enterprise systems and sub-systems; thereby comparison can now be made easily.

How to create a custom Call Center Performance Report?

Indeed, these days, you have access to a lot of choices including blank template & you can modify them according to your needs.

Alternatively, you are free to monitor every aspect of your business by adding each KPI in it!

Moreover, set KPI Call Center

Don’t forget to add, “ongoing call duration”, “call pick up ratio”, “sales made in a region”, “call decline %” & more.

Add combo charts & FCR for high-quality end results**.

Note: For more information about reporting dashboard template, Contact our team with detail specifications. Bigger size companies use software, so see Bitrix24 and Vocalcom.

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