Medical Health Record Template

Duplicate tests are common for elderly patients, who are unable to memorize, which of the tests has been conducted already for them, and this expense can now be minimized through getting a personal medical health record template.

  1. Patient Care Record Monthly
  2. Use as Tracking Tool or Records Keeping
  3. Also, Call Medical Spreadsheet
  4. Create a Family Medical Tree

Keeping yourself aware of any upcoming, health expense can now be judged and therefore it is arranged as well. If you have already prepared a paper record for it, you can now replace it with an excel spreadsheet available for the purpose.

Patients who feel difficulty in memorizing the medicines and their amount and time, are now able to record it in the excel spreadsheet as it is prepared with all this data incorporated and you are just required to download it and start using it.

Medical Health Record Template

Personal Medical Health Record – Template Structure

Avoid disorganized data by downloading this template and start using it instantly:

It can be used casually or for the specific disease.

  1. If one is interested in maintaining regular check-up he is able to do so through using this sheet.
  2. For the patient of any specific health problem like diabetes or blood pressure which requires more care, they are able to get this data in the form of this sheet.
  3. It is beneficial for both purposes.

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Template Structure:

Header Section Body Section
  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • Medical Plan
  • Medical Plan ID
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Alternate Phone
  • Date
  • Description
  • Attending Physician
  • Diagnosis
  • Tests Performed
  • Test Results
  • Prescribed Action
  • Prescribed Medication

Personal Medical History Form:

The time when special consideration is required; it can be used there as well

  1. Easy data incorporation and organization is the key benefit of using this spreadsheet.
  2. Just enter some of the information, and it can save a lot of effort and time later.
  3. For any special time, it can be utilized.

You are now able to share your personal medical history with your physician as well through downloading this form. This is because most of these professionals ask for it to check any specific allergy or care while prescribing treatment.

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