Looking for Best BCG Matrix/Chart for Project Documentation? In this article, you can download BCG Matrix Template Excel in PPT, DOC and other Microsoft formats on request.

Ready-Made Template “Instant Download

Looking for a project management documentation template, so these some charts help you in it. It is key for describing business-marketing strategies with financial tips. Boston group of companies invent this idea for managing their production unit.


Very important chart/tool and template for new or start-up project plan. After every business, use this strategy in their line-up. Without BCG your project plan isn’t complete. Nowadays various developers create different designs and styles of template for the business plan; in this article, we also help you to custom design.

Many types of charts and diagrams (Work in Progress) are employed in different projects and assignments in MS Excel to represent the details of a project with more precision and clarity.

The BCG Matrix, also known as the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, is a strategic planning tool used to analyze a company’s portfolio of products or services. It helps businesses identify which products or services are generating the most value and which ones may require further investment or divestment.

A BCG Matrix Template in Excel is a pre-designed spreadsheet that allows users to create and populate a BCG Matrix easily. It typically includes the necessary cells, formulas, and formatting to help users input data and generate a visual representation of their product portfolio’s performance.

The template usually consists of a four-quadrant grid, with each quadrant representing a different category based on the product’s market growth rate and market share. The categories are:

  1. Stars: High-growth products with a high market share. These products have the potential to become cash cows in the future if their growth is sustained.
  2. Cash Cows: Products with a high market share in a low-growth market. These products generate a significant amount of cash flow for the company but require minimal investment.
  3. Question Marks (or Problem Child): Products with low market share but in a high-growth market. These products require careful consideration as they have the potential to become stars or may become dogs if not managed properly.
  4. Dogs: Low-growth products with a low market share. These products typically generate little to no profit and may need to be phased out or divested.

The BCG Matrix Template in Excel allows users to input relevant data such as market share, market growth rate, revenue, and profitability for each product or service. The template then automatically calculates and plots the products on the matrix based on the provided data, making it easier for the user to visualize the product portfolio’s performance and make informed strategic decisions.

Using a BCG Matrix Template in Excel can streamline the analysis process and provide a clear overview of a company’s product portfolio, helping managers identify areas for improvement, resource allocation, and investment decisions.

Quick FAQS:

  1. Use this BCG Matrix Template Excel in the business portfolio or analysis
  2. PPT and DOC sheet is also available on request
  3. Must include in project scheduling and part of preliminary planning
  4. Summarize our marketing strategy in-front of our investors and shareholders

BCG Matrix has normally been used in PowerPoint slides with RACI CHART for business growth rates presentation and documentation of any project reporting. Such charts convey the message of your project with more detail and increase the professional outlook of your project.

Key Features of BCG Matrix Template Excel?

BCG stands for Boston Consulting Group and is used for projects related to business branding and portfolio. It has four main sections:

  1. Stars
  2. Question Marks
  3. Cash Cows
  4. Dogs

The sections represent the market share and growth of a business firm. It looks like a graphical image and is compatible with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint tools. See below image of a BCG Matrix for your reference:

  1. It can be inserted in BCG Matrix Template Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for certain projects of different businesses and financial enterprises.
  2. If you are looking 3rd chart in excel, then review this link. Using project portfolio software you will arrange multiple things one time.

Either you are looking BCG share growth matrix for shareholders or blank auto-fill templates, this page will help you. If you want to contact our developer relates to custom editing in this template, then you can request to design the BCG matrix according to your design.

BCG Matrix Using in Project Management Plan

Make your visit beneficial by downloading business portfolio re-shape in BCG MATRIX inserted here to help you out in word format.


  1. It portrays the information in a comprehensive outlook.
  2. It assists the project manager in defining a well-planned marketing strategy as it takes notice of all the relevant and external factors.
  3. The project manager can prepare a well-settled project status report after applying the BCG matrix.
  4. No external source or tools are required for creating BCG chart. It automatically builds the strategy once you insert data into it. Hence, it makes planning easy for a project manager.

Once you have a clear understanding and dimension of the Product and the goals in your mind, you can make clear plans and investment decisions. The targets given to sale force as well as the marketing department is also dependent on the objective of your business.

You can manage your promoting and advertising strategies by adopting one of the stylish and professional-looking business portfolio Matrix as it gives additional information about your business to the internet users acting as marketing material if you are launching a new product. You can face the financial instability phase and other times easily by overcoming risks and issues.


X-Horizontal lines and Y-Vertical lines represent in this chart.

Having a template contributing profit for your company by adding the services available from your company and adding them in the template in the form of bullets to highlight the importance and definitely holding the attention of the visitor. To make this complicated process easy you can search free BCG portfolio templates here.

Advantages of BCG Matrix & Business Portfolio

One of the main advantages of BCG is developing business portfolio design. Without this chart, you missed market competition analysis and forecasting for expense budget management.

  1. Use in strategic planning & product development stage
  2. Identify the business market share and shareholders

There are various BCG Matrix Template Excel, you can select for your project presentation through PPT slides or Excel sheet for project management documentation.

How to Create a BCG Matrix in MS Excel Spreadsheet?

If you want to manually, create this one then you should follow these steps to create a BCG matrix in an Excel spreadsheet.



Open a new Excel sheet and select the option ‘Insert’ at the upper bar of it. You will find different chart options here. Select ‘Other charts’ and a white box will appear.


Do right click on the white box and choose the option ‘Select Data’.


Select ‘Add Section’ and another box will appear. Insert values here for instance, of Market Growth, etc. and click ‘OK’.

Project Manager & BCG Matrix Templates For Business Analysis

It will appear on your Excel sheet containing the values of market growth. Many project manager wants a different type of roadmap template for been used in the different type of projects planning.

These examples you can use in business forecasting reporting, financial analysis of any projection plan and other different plans.

Some BCG Matrix Template Excel is available in Excel124, for customize edition template ping for here and explore more graphical tool. For samples and examples of BCG, with custom editing in any existing project plan, contact us.



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