Looking for dynamic reporting templates of restaurant inventory sales tracking in excel software? Actually mostly features you may be looking is available on Cloud base software, but small restaurant can use excel template. Complete excel base template for tracking and monitoring activities.

For profit and Loss, Stock information, Custom designing, expense budget and many more restaurant daily management.  I previously add restaurant base project management template, so quick a review after this topic. We also offer custom design service for many restaurant custom templates in excel.

Monitoring of restaurant sales activities isn’t simple task to handle in daily routine also collect monthly sales data. Sales reporting is another important factor in Dashboard, so we add also this for record and track daily sales data.

Every person wants some simple but attractive dashboard for monitoring stock and customer database for restaurant, this template guides you, how you can perform action in easy way?


  1. Easy Monitoring
  2. Receipt Generate Automatically
  3. Client Bio Data Management
  4. Ms Excel and Access
  5. Excel 2013 Requirement (Installing)
  6. Manage Restaurant Stock take details (Daily Basis)
  7. Supplier and Clients contact Details
  8. Dashboard tracking of food stock, wastage and employee operation

How to Design Reporting Template for Restaurant?

Here are some features listed below for acknowledge my viewers regarding getting template. Template is only available on request or you can direct Contact Us.

Manage Your Restaurant Chains

It’s not easy to manage your restaurant chain and branches {worldwide} in single platform, if you are dealing with manually.  You must either hire some capable person with higher salaries or just buy some online software or template to perform action automatically without any hassle.

 Inventory and Stock Management

Every person require some live tracking and monitoring of stock sales, so some part of we are making in Excel template but not complete.  Integrate sales according to month is easy way to calculate your remaining stock.

Minimize expenses of your business by clicking here and come across various restaurant. Restaurant management templates add here are helpful for successful running of your coffee shop and to calculate the gross profit at the same time.

For restaurant industry stock list holds great value for the successful operation on daily basis as well as for long term.

It is important to understand the market trends and customer demands to have enough products in the shelf however ones which are largely ordered by customer’s and does not go to waste and increasing expense of the business.

Restaurant Stock Take List

Different restaurant and hotel has different system regarding their business, so you can edit and customize this template according to your requirement.

  1. What do I have
  2. Espresso, hot milk, cappuccino
  3. Apple juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice
  4. Category
  5. Units
  6. Count
  7. What I need

Your stock take list must be consisted of items which are ordered regularly by customers so that you can observe items which are just becoming expired as freshly baked products are ordered by customers and they are a way for success of your shop. You can easily manage reorder level of stock items through our stock take lists added here.

You can ask for Customize Reporting Template for Restaurant or other similar business like Café Etc to Contact Either Excel124 Team.


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