If you are looking for a tool to divide out duties for your project, you are in the right place. RACI matrix is now available in chart form to ensure project success. To tell the trust, you can avoid confusion in your project team using this chart. The question is what does RACI stand for? This char/matrix is use for assign roles and responsibilities, very helpful in HR department.

Just like task priority matrix excel, this template deigns just like that.

  1. Complete RACI Chart Template Excel (Different Chart Design)
  2. PPT Slides available
  3. Must use in project planning & Documentation
  4. Help in project communication department and create template
  5. Updated template (Premium) attach with Gantt chart
  6. RACI chart as a PM Tool in App Development

Moreover, it shows roles and responsibilities in written form. Much less, without worrying about your project size, you can rely on this excel chart.

  1. Work in Progress Chart

On the other hand, some decisions need to be taken quickly for your projects. Usually, a single person is responsible for the task and he is leading other persons. Therefore, this worksheet can help during project management and in general tasks as well. especially, it is the favourite tool of smart managers.


RACI Matrix Template Format

Well, here are instructions regarded, how to use the sheet wisely. Here are some of the features of this document as well:

Ensure your project success and active timeline:

  1. It actually shows person, “responsible”, “accountable”, “consulted” and “informed”.
  2. It shows project deliverable as well; like, “submit project request”, “research solution”, “create project charter”, “and create schedule “and “dates”.
  3. Specifically, it is designed to support all the project teams. You are free to get it, and make it part of your planning process or consult it.

What is RACI Chart Template Excel made up of?

  • Your RACI shows the person, “responsible”, which is actually responsible for a process or a task.
  • Besides this, you can consult the accountable person, with the help of this sheet.
  • “Consulted” is not directly part of the task, yet that is somehow part of it.

If your team is complaining or you are feeling complexity, this is no longer a problem. Moreover, this sheet is available with instructions, so that you do not lack support anywhere. Without wasting any time, you can always talk to the right person.

RACI Matrix Template, A Tracking Tool for Project Managers

Well, the logical way of project monitoring tools ensures your project success. The question is How RACI Matrix is useful as a tracking tool? One of the powerful visualize and summarize project management tracking, many project managers use this Matrix in their presentation and project plan.

to tell the truth, there are a lot more software’s and templates are available out there; still, you need to select the best one.


Others Tools Like RACI Chart Template Excel

Here are some of the tools listed along with their top features, to help out you in making the best decision. Here are some of them:


  • Looking for a different yet powerful tool? Slack is a good choice in the regard.
  • It helps you with the tracking project plan. Moreover, you are aware of the “available resources”, “cost benefits” and “project budget”.
  • Improve your communication, by selecting this tool. Your team is always in connecting with the manager and with each other.


  • A choice for many companies out there!
  • Additionally, this provides support from the initiation until the end of the project. You are always aware of your project.
  • Specifically setting milestones can never be so easy, if this tool is not out there.


  • Unlike other tools, it’s free trial allows you to take benefit of the full features. Check out the tool, before getting a full one.
  • This functional app ensures; you are able to use it for any specific project. Moreover, the number of users is not restricted at all.
  • To tell the truth, video conferencing is possible. Ensure better meetings and planning for your project using taiga.

In fact, you need to have a clear thought about, “what is RACI Chart”, “what are the effects” and “how to handle them”, to still complete the project on the new date. What is even more vital, any major sway can affect other ongoing operations and projects as well, and it may require the change in the current project plan.

For more information and download templates, you can contact with Excel124.net team and get an Email of the template.

How RACI Matrix Chart use in Project management?

Actually using RACI you can manage deliverable projects, so it’s very important in project management. You can scheduling task and manage resources through this template. This template is also using in Project tracking category.

In this image below you can seen project stages map on RACI MATRIX. From project initiation to project execution, then business analyst and technical architect and end in application development.  below in column



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